April, 2020

Apr 1, 2020

Dean of Student Affairs

 The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 is rapidly spreading all over the world and within Japan. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in Kyushu have increased since late March and there has recently been a confirmed case here in Beppu. Universities in Japan have been advised by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology to strengthen measures to avoid the creation of a COVID-19 infection cluster on their campuses.

 Given this situation, APU has decided to uphold the current decision with regards to extracurricular activities which means that only online activities will be permitted for the time being. The Fitness Room will remain closed and both student organizations and individual students will not be allowed to use university facilities.

 We are aware of the tremendous effort that student organizations have put into their activities and the preparations that you have been making to welcome the new students. It is very difficult to have to make this decision, however, it cannot be avoided in light of the current situation. We would like to ask all of you, as both APU students and global citizens, to act responsibly and prioritize your own life as well as the lives of the people in your communities right now. The Student Office plans to provide student organizations with an opportunity to reach new students by making a video to introduce your club/circle that can be viewed online. We encourage student organizations to use this opportunity to create new ways to conduct your activities and maintain your connections to other students and society using the latest technology available.

 We will make an announcement concerning our policy on extracurricular activities for the 1st quarter before the spring semester begins. We ask for everyone’s cooperation in overcoming the current hardships that we all face. Let’s get through this together!

<Guidelines for Each Extracurricular Activity Category:>
*Club/Circles, Multicultural Weeks, Project A: Limited to online activities only.
*Project B: Online application and screening. Groups that apply must plan to conduct their activities online.
*Local Exchange Programs, Homestay Program and Homestay Family Gatherings: Applicant recruitment temporarily suspended for 1st Quarter.
*Tenku Festival: Tenku Festival Committee member recruitment will all be done online (online application/screening). Committee activities will be limited to online activities once members are selected.
*SAS: Limited to online activities only.
*University Facility Use: The Fitness Room will remain closed and use of all other university facilities will not be permitted for both student organizations and individual students.
※Online activities are recommended to enable students to socially distance themselves from others. If your organization will be holding an online meeting or other type of online activity, please make sure that small groups of members do not gather in one person’s room to participate as this defeats the purpose. Each member should take part in online activities from their own residence.

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