October, 2020

Oct 1, 2020

To prevent the spread of COVID-19, since September, APU has only been allowing students to enter the campus for class-related activities as a rule. We have asked students to avoid extracurricular and self-directed activities that entail close contact with others, regardless of whether they are held on or off campus, and we have asked students to only attend online activities from their own apartments or dorm rooms.
Our policy for extracurricular activities and facility usage by students after the start of classes on October 5 is outlined below.

Until 10/4 10/5~ Remarks
Activities Games (League & exhibition games)
Practice (including academic clubs)
Games (League & exhibition games)
Practice for League & exhibition games, etc. (including academic clubs)
Preparation for Tenku Festival

Maximum Time Allowed 1 class period / day 1 class period / day
Approved Periods Periods 1~5 Periods 1~5
Approved Facilities Clubs Gymnasium (9/28~)
Multi-Purpose Field
Student Union I
Student Union II
Gymnasium (Unavailable during Tenku Festival)
Multi-Purpose Field
Student Union I
Student Union II
Some facilities are excluded
Individuals Usage not permitted *Individual use of the following facilities is scheduled to recommence from October 19 (Mon.).
Multi-Purpose Field
Tennis Courts

Activity Format In-person In-person Permission not required for online activities

Students will need to apply in advance to receive permission to engage in activities in the facilities listed above. If your club is the member of an association or other parent organization, you will be permitted to engage in activities as long as you comply with the infection prevention measures stipulated by said organization and your club has been deemed able to thoroughly implement those measures.

Examples of infection prevention measures:

At home: Taking your temperature; monitoring your health
While commuting: Always wearing a mask and keeping your hands clean; avoiding public transportation altogether or avoiding contact with regular passengers if you have no other means of transport
During activities: Wearing a mask; avoiding the sharing of equipment; avoiding close contact; maintaining social distance and keeping conversation to a minimum during meals

Please check the Student Office website for information on how to receive permission for activities and how to apply to use facilities.
※Submit the Practice Details and Schedule form via the Activity Registration System (WAWA System) if you want to use a storehouse or locker.

You will need to receive permission for activities in advance even if you plan to use off-campus facilities. By complying with the infection prevention measures stipulated by the facility and exercising caution to prevent infection among club members, you can help us gradually resume regular activities while protecting your life, safety, and health.

  • Can we hold welcome activities (to attract new club members) on campus?
    → No. These activities could lead to close contact among an unspecified number of people. You can hold online activities, however.
  • Can we hold events on campus?
    → No. These events cannot be held due to the potentially high risk of infection during October when a considerable number of new and current students are expected to travel to and from the campus. However, some preparations for Tenku Festival are permitted. We will decide on our future policy as the situation dictates.

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