November, 2020

Apr 13, 2021

At present, there are approximately 81 different student organizations active at APU, in the categories of sports, academic research, culture arts, and social organizations (volunteer groups).
You are free to join any of these student organizations, or even create new ones.
If you want to join the club, please directly contact to the club. How would you like to challenge setting up a new organization in this Fall semester?
If you are interested, please read the "Establishing a New Organization" carefully and fill in the application form and submit it.

Student Office

Apr 2, 2021

As the new semester approaches, there has been an increase in student activity crossing prefectural boundaries, and the risk of spreading COVID-19 has risen significantly. Unfortunately, we are already seeing cases of infection and close contact in multiple clubs and groups from extracurricular activities or regular daily activities.
The infection risk increases when multiple students assemble in one place for activities or conversation as a part of extracurricular activities. To prevent further spread of infection and ensure everyone’s safety, please follow these guidelines when participating in extracurricular activities.

To stop the spread of infection, all in-person extracurricular activities have been canceled for the following period.

Suspension period for in-person extracurricular activities: Thursday, April 1, to Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Any clubs or groups wishing to hold activities on or after April 15 must follow the rules below and must request and receive permission to hold activities from the Student Office in advance. Please note that the in-person activity suspension period may be extended based on the status of infections.

  1. During the two-week period from April 1 to 14, all members must keep a daily record of their temperature and health symptoms. Continue checking for any potential infections as before and sharing any relevant information with the rest of the club/group.
  2. Pay careful attention to your daily health by getting a thermometer and checking your temperature every day, washing your hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding the Three Cs. (Be especially careful when going out for a part-time job or grocery shopping, for example.)
  3. Members must self-isolate if two weeks have not yet passed since returning from travel outside Oita Prefecture (and cannot participate in activities during that period).
  4. Activities involving eating or drinking are prohibited.
  5. Do not have meals together before or after activities.
  6. Avoid contact with anyone returning to Oita Prefecture from another prefecture for two weeks after their return.
  7. Take the same infection prevention measures that you would take during extracurricular activities during other times as well and avoid extended exposure to others.

*If any members of a club/group are confirmed to have COVID-19, take thorough infection prevention measures as instructed by the Public Health Center. Activities will be suspended during the infection control period.

Practice games/matches

Decisions about games or matches held on or after Thursday, April 15, will be made based on the status of infections. Please consult the Student Office in advance.

League games/matches

If your club/group is scheduled to participate in a league game or match before Thursday, April 15, please consult the Student Office as soon as possible.

Mar 9, 2021

The Global Citizenship Program will begin as part of the AP House educational program in the spring semester of 2021!

During the period of time spent in the highly multicultural environment of AP House, students participating in the program will have the opportunity to accumulate experiences centered on "Living Learning," like other students, through various dormitory activities (kitchen duty, community living workshop, floor events, etc.) and further, experiences in intercultural interaction and understanding. The program students will also gain the opportunity to acquire an understanding of diversity in a multicultural community, cooperation with others, organizational management, and self-growth, etc.

How much you can grow in a multicultural environment is up to you! This program is one of those opportunities. If you are willing to take a step forward and grow, please click here to apply for the program.

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