August, 2021

Aug 25, 2021

Presently the number of people of people nationwide suffering from COVID-19 is increasing, with Oita Prefecture also experiencing a record number of cases. Additionally, it is apparent many students traveled outside of the prefecture during the summer break, and in conjunction with this we are seeing a large number of infections among APU students. In particular, the risk of infection has greatly increased due to the spread of more infectious strains of the coronavirus. Considering the current situation, the university has decided to raise the campus Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Level from the current level 2 to level 3.

During extracurricular activities multiple people gather in the same space, moving and talking, which increases the risk of infection. To prevent the further spread of infection among APU students, and to protect your health and safety, all in-person extracurricular activities will be suspended during the following period.

Period of suspension for in-person extracurricular activities:
Thursday, August 26 through Wednesday, September 15

*This period may be extended depending on the future spread of the infection.

During this period, clubs and circles will not be able to use campus facilities and individuals will not be able to use the gymnasium or the multi-purpose field.

Practice Games

Please postpone all practice matches during this period.

League Games

For league games scheduled during this period, please contact the respective sports league to discuss postponement. If postponement is not possible, please contact the Student Office before the game, as soon as possible.

Other Information
  • There are no restrictions on online extracurricular activities, but please make sure that each individual participant takes part from their own home or room. There is no need to notify the Student Office in advance.
  • If restrictions will continue after September 16, we will make an announcement once the decision has been made. If you are planning to resume your activities, please ensure all members continue to fill out the Health Check Sheet.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact the Student Office at

Student Office

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