August, 2022

Aug 1, 2022

1. Facility Use during Summer Break

Student organizations that have submitted and received approval for their Spring Semester 2nd Quarter Activity Plan may use on-campus facilities during the following periods.

8/4 (Thurs) - 8/10 (Wed) Available for use
8/18/(Thurs) - 10/2/(Sun) Available for use
※8/11 (Thurs) - 8/17 (Wed) Not available for use

※Reservations can be made for up to two periods per facility.
※Student organizations that have not submitted a Quarter Activity Plan must first do so to be able to use on-campus facilities.
※An announcement concerning facility use for the 1st Quarter of Fall Semester (10/3-11/14) will be made around mid-September.

2. Measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

Coronavirus infections are currently at an all-time high. Infections resulting from eating/drinking together, club/circle events, and among passengers riding in the same car are especially prevalent. Please take adequate measures to prevent infection not only during activities but also outside your activities and in your everyday life. Be especially careful when resuming activities if members have returned home or traveled to other places during summer vacation.
※If possible, please have members get antigen tests and wait for a certain period of time before resuming activities.

3. Heat stroke prevention

In addition to the heat, Japan is extremely humid in the summer. Be sure to take frequent breaks to hydrate and rest during your activities. You are more susceptible to heat stroke if you do not get enough sleep or if you are not feeling well.
(Be sure to get an adequate amount of sleep and eat nutritious food.)

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