December, 2022

Dec 26, 2022

We will be cleaning all club and circle facilities on the following dates.


All applicable groups must participate in the cleanup.
If you do not participate in the cleaning or if there are not enough participants, you will not be allowed to use the facilities and storage from February 1, 2023.
Details will be emailed to club/circle representatives and vice presidents.

★★ Club/Circle Facility Cleaning ★★

Date and Time: Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Facilities to be cleaned and cleaning time:

  1. Student Hall: 3th period -
  2. Multipurpose Hall: 4th period ~
  3. Gymnasium Storage (1st and 2nd floors): 5th period ~

Meeting place: Please gather at each cleaning facility.

Dec 6, 2022

The next Fitness Room Guidance Sessions for the 2022 Fall Semester will be held on the following dates and times.
Reservations are not required to attend

*Guidance will take about one hour.
*Please bring your student ID card with you.

Dates change:
Before change December 14(Wed), 16:10 - (5th period) F201
After change December 21(Wed), 16:10 - (5th period) F203

Students who want to use the Fitness Room must first attend a Fitness Room Guidance. You may not join the guidance once it begins, so do not be late!

Classrooms have limited seating due to coronavirus protocol (social distancing). Saving a seat for a friend is not permitted.

Guidance from December onwards will be announced on the Campus Terminal as soon as it is decided.

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