January, 2023

Jan 26, 2023

The next Fitness Room Guidance will be held on the following dates and times. Reservations are not required to attend.
*Guidance will take about one hour.
*Please bring your student ID card with you.

February 13(Mon), 13:30 - F106

Students who want to use the Fitness Room must first attend a Fitness Room Guidance. You may not join the guidance once it begins, so do not be late!

Classrooms have limited seating due to coronavirus protocol (social distancing). Saving a seat for a friend is not permitted.

Next Guidance will be announced on the Campus Terminal as soon as it is decided.

Student Office

Jan 26, 2023

To the Student Organizations that are required to clean up the facilities and atelier.

The Student Office is holding a facilities and atelier clean-up day for student organizations and event committees,Week committees.

Also advisable to have at least three members for cleaning club/circle facilities and six members for atelier cleaning.

If your organization does not send the required number of members or did not participate in this clean up, your organization will not be allowed to use the campus facilities after April 1, 2023.

Each organisation has a specific facility in charge. Details were sent by email to the representative and deputy representative of each organisation.

★★Facilities and Atelier clean-up★★
Date and Time: Friday, February 3 2023
4th period/ Japanese Room, Union I lockers, Store Rooms 1-5, Student Council Room,
Storeroom in multipurpose ground, Storeroom in tennis court, Atelier
5th period/ Presentation Space

Thank you in advance.

Student Office

Jan 16, 2023

To all clubs/circles and event/project groups planning an overseas trip during spring break:

Organizations that have made overseas travel arrangements for spring break, as well as those still looking into the possibility of overseas travel during this period, must email the Student Office ( with the following information by 9:00 am on Monday, January 23th.

1. Destination (Country or Region)
2. Travel Period
3. Number of Participants
4. Accommodation Type (Hotel, Backpacking, Air B&B, Homestay, etc.)
5. Scheduled Activities

*Please provide all of the travel information you have as of the present if arrangements have not been finalized.
*Organizations still undecided should email the Student Office with the above information if there is a high possibility they will be going overseas.

Student Office
Extracurricular Activities Team

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