Dec 11, 2017

【Club/Circle】**Explanatory meeting about the new premier organization system**

The premier organization system will change.

All organizations that would like to apply as a new premier organization for AY 2018 and existing premier organizations will need to attend the explanatory meeting on Wednesday, December 20.
The details are below.

Date and time: Wednesday, December 20, 5th period
Class room: F209

Target organizations: Existing premier organizations and organizations who are intending to register as premier organizations in AY 2018

*At least two of the four core members are required to attend.
*All members who can participate need to attend.
*All organizations that do not attend this explanatory meeting will not be able to apply as a premier organization later. Additionally, the Student Office will not accept any questions in regards to premier organizations.

After this explanatory meeting, all new and existing organizations will need to submit their applications, and the Student Office is planning on conducting interviews.

Note: Premier organizations will need to submit the 2018 re-registration application forms in addition to the premier organization application forms.

Student Office


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