Jul 4, 2018

Facility cleanup

To the student organizations that are required to clean the University's facilities:

The Student Office is holding a facility cleanup day for student organizations, RAs, and the Tenku Festival Committee.

The condition in which the facilities are being used as well as kept is horrendous, and it also indicates the facilities are not being cleaned properly. Each organization needs to clean the facilities after they use them.

The schedule for the club and circle cleanup day is below.

The organizations that are required to participate will need to have at least two members of their organization present in each area. Please be aware that the organizations who do not have the minimum number of members or do not participate in this cleanup will not be allowed to use the campus facilities and the storerooms from August 1, 2018.

The Student Office will inform the core members of the details via their "Action Required" section in their Campus Terminal account at the beginning of July.

★★Facility cleanup for club and circles★★
Date: Wednesday, July 11, 2018
Time: From 14:15 until the cleanup is finished
Meeting place: The area where the student is responsible for cleaning.

★★Atelier cleanup★★
To be announced at a later date.

Student Office


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