Jun 18, 2019

All Clubs/Circles and Event/Project groups planning an overseas trip during summer break

To all clubs/circles and event/project groups planning an overseas trip during summer break:

Organizations that have made overseas travel arrangements for summer break, as well as those still looking into the possibility of overseas travel during this period, must email the Student Office (stueca@apu.ac.jp) with the following information by 9:00 am on Monday, June 24th.

1. Destination (Country or Region)
2. Travel Period
3. Number of Participants
4. Accommodation Type(Hotel, Backpacking, Air B&B, Homestay, etc.)
5. Scheduled Activities

*Please provide all of the travel information you have as of the present if arrangements have not been finalized.
*Organizations still undecided should email the Student Office with the above information if there is a high possibility they will be going overseas.
*The Student Office will send information concerning the procedures required by the University for overseas travel to organizations that have sent the Student Office their travel information.

Additionally, an “Overseas Travel Leader’s Guidance” will be held as follows.
Date: Wednesday, July 3 (5th Period)
Place: F111

All of the procedures required by organizations traveling overseas will be explained in detail at this guidance session. Two members from organizations going abroad (or considering it) must attend this session. It is preferred that the members participating in this session are the members who will be serving in a leadership capacity during the trip. Reservations are not necessary to attend this session. In principle, the University will not allow organizations that do not participate in this session to travel overseas.

Student Office
Extracurricular Activities Team


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