Jun 11, 2021

Information on Campus Facility Use From June 21, 2021

Any clubs or groups wishing to hold activities on or after June 21 must follow the activity guidelines below and must request and receive permission to hold activities from the Student Office in advance.

  1. All members must keep a daily record of their temperature and any physical symptoms. Continue to check for any potential infections as before and share any relevant information with the rest of the club/group.
  2. Pay careful attention to the state of your health by getting a thermometer and checking your temperature every day, washing your hands, wearing a mask, and avoiding the Three Cs. (Be especially careful when going out for a part-time job or grocery shopping.)
  3. Members who have traveled outside of Oita Prefecture are not allowed to participated in activities for two weeks after their return.
  4. Activities involving eating or drinking are prohibited.
  5. Do not have meals together before or after activities.
  6. Avoid contact with anyone returning to Oita Prefecture from another prefecture for two weeks after their return.
  7. Take the same infection prevention measures that you would take during extracurricular activities during other times as well and avoid extended exposure to others.

*If any members of a club/group are confirmed to have COVID-19, take thorough infection prevention measures as instructed by the Public Health Center. Activities will be suspended during the infection control period.

【Practice Games/League Matches】

Decisions about games or matches held on or after Monday, June 21, will be made based on the status of infections. Please consult the Student Office in advance.

Guidelines on Extracurricular Activities for June 21 and Beyond

Activity Guidelines
Essential Requirements
  • For all activities, regardless of whether they are on or off campus, students must submit an online application accompanied by an Activity Plan and Health Check Sheet to the Student Office to obtain permission in advance.
  • When the club in question is a member of an association or other parent organization, students must take measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 that are also based on guidelines set forth by that organization.
  • When using off-campus facilities, students must adhere to guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID-19 set forth by the facility in question.
  • Examples of measures to prevent spreading of COVID-19:
    When at home:
    Check your temperature and monitor your physical condition.
    When in transit:
    Always wear a mask and keep your hands and fingers sanitized while in transit.
    During activities:
    Wear a mask, avoid the shared use of equipment, avoid high-risk contact, and maintain social distance. Eating is not allowed during activities. (Drinking water or other beverages to stay hydrated is allowed, however, do not share your drink with others.)
  • How to submit applications for activities and use facilities
Time for Standard Activities (Practice, meetings, etc.) One class-hour (100 min.) per day
*Note that up to two non-consecutive class-hours may be permitted in cases where special grounds are recognized, such as cases involving activities to prepare for official sports matches or performances.
*The time slot for activities is between Periods 1 and 7.
*The ideal time for off-campus activities shall also be one class-hour (100 min.) per day.
Approved Facilities Clubs Gymnasium Arena (Fitness Room cannot be used.)
Multi-Purpose Field
Student Union 1 (Atelier cannot be used.)
Student Union 2
Individuals Gymnasium
Multi-Purpose Field
Tennis courts
Excursions, Etc.
  • Allowed following consideration of the state of infection at the excursion site on the condition that measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 are enforced in mid-transit.
Events, New Member Welcoming Activities, Etc.
  • Students are recommended to conduct these activities online.
  • Events judged as having to be implemented as a matter of necessity based on their purpose and/or content will be allowed on the condition that sufficient measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 are taken.

*No restrictions in particular will be in place for activities conducted online. Additionally, it will not be necessary to submit prior notification, etc.


Can meetings be held inside classrooms?
Meetings can be held inside classrooms provided that measures are taken, such as keeping the number of attendees to no more than 1/4 of classroom capacity, ensuring to maintain social distance, and ventilating the classroom in the course of the meeting by opening the windows.
When will the Fitness Room be open for use?
We’re currently looking into having a staff person stationed in the Fitness Room to ensure that infection prevention guidelines are followed. We plan to reopen the Fitness Room once the necessary preparations are in place.
Is it possible for off-campus advisors, other than the main club/circle advisor, to come to campus to assist with club/circle activities?
It is possible as long as off-campus visitors follow the health and hygiene guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please refer to the Student Office website for details.

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