May 30, 2022

Campus facilities will reopen for individual use. Please follow face mask guidelines during use.

1. Individual use of campus facilities will recommence from Thursday, June 2.

<Facilities Available for Individual Use> (The number in parentheses indicates each facility’s capacity limit.)
Gymnasium (30 people), Multipurpose Ground (30 people), Tennis Court (6 people)
※Only 1 tennis court is able to be used at the present time due to the construction work going on in that part of campus.

<Individual Use Times/Days>
2nd & 4th period every day

<How to Make a Reservation>

  1. Make a facility reservation using the “APU Facilities/Equipment Reservation Site”
    ※If you are getting a group together to use a facility, each person must make their own reservation at the above website except for groups using the tennis court. Only one person from the group needs to make a reservation to use the tennis court.
  2. Everyone using the facility must show their student ID card at the Gymnasium Security Office prior to facility use.

Students who want to use campus facilities must rea the guideline and be sure to follow individual use guidelines.

2. Please follow Oita Prefecture’s guidelines on face mask use when using campus facilities.

* Indoor Facilities:
As a general rule, masks should be worn when using an indoor facility, however, they can be taken off if the people using the facility are socially distanced so that there is 2 meters of space or more between them and no one is speaking.

* Outdoor Facilities:
As a general rule, masks do not need to be worn when using outdoor facilities, however, please put a mask on when you are speaking with others and have less than 2 meters of space between you.


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