Jan 26, 2023

Facilities and atelier clean-up

To the Student Organizations that are required to clean up the facilities and atelier.

The Student Office is holding a facilities and atelier clean-up day for student organizations and event committees,Week committees.

Also advisable to have at least three members for cleaning club/circle facilities and six members for atelier cleaning.

If your organization does not send the required number of members or did not participate in this clean up, your organization will not be allowed to use the campus facilities after April 1, 2023.

Each organisation has a specific facility in charge. Details were sent by email to the representative and deputy representative of each organisation.

★★Facilities and Atelier clean-up★★
Date and Time: Friday, February 3 2023
4th period/ Japanese Room, Union I lockers, Store Rooms 1-5, Student Council Room,
Storeroom in multipurpose ground, Storeroom in tennis court, Atelier
5th period/ Presentation Space

Thank you in advance.

Student Office


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