Jun 11, 2015

Facilities and atelier clean-up

To the Student Organizations that are required to clean up the facilities and atelier.

The Student Office is holding a facilities and atelier clean-up day
for student organizations and event committees.

Please see the attached for the facilities/areas your organization have to clean.
Also, please make sure that at least one member from your organization have to be present
at each area.

If your organization does not send the required number of members or did not participate
in this clean up, your organization will not allowed to use the campus facilities after
July 31, 2015.

We will let you know the details early is July by personal message.

★★Facilities clean-up★★
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 15 2015
from 14:15 until clean-up is done
Meeting Place: Student Hall

★★Atelier clean-up★★
Date and Time: Friday, July 31 2015
from 14:15 until clean-up is done
Meeting Place: atelier

Thank you in advance.

Student Office


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