Jul 17, 2015

[Clubs/Circles] Spring semester activity report

All clubs and circles must submit a spring semester activity report as described below. Be sure to submit this report before the deadline.

Any organization that does not submit all required documents by the deadline will not be permitted to use University facilities or equipment, and will not be able to apply for subsidies during the 2015 fall semester. Please be careful.

**Submission Period (online submission)**
Thursday, July 23, 2015 - Tuesday, September 15, 2015
** This submission deadline is strictly enforced. **

**Documents for Submission**
Form 23, Spring Semester Activity Report
Form 22, Member List
* If the representative of your organization changes during the submission period (July 23 through September 15), you must also submit online Form 13, Change in Organizational Leadership.
After submission, both the new and old representatives must come to the Student Office to stamp their inkans on the Change in Organizational Leadership form no later than September 30.

Download these forms from the following URL:

This report will also be considered as part of your organization's re-registration application for AY 2016, so please be as complete and accurate as possible.

**Report Submit Folder**
Campus Terminal --> Academic --> Submit Report / Instructional Materials --> ReportSubmit --> APUcircles --> 05_15SP Activity Report_15 春セメ活動報告書 --> [your organization's folder]*
*Each organization should create a folder titled with their organization number and name, and place the files in this folder.

Organizations not continuing their activities in the fall semester should submit an organization dissolution report to the Student Office on an A4 size sheet of paper no later than September 15.

APU Student Office
Email: stueca@apu.ac.jp

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