Jul 28, 2015

Gymnasium fixed use reservations for the fall semester and after

To all extracurricular organizations:

We are writing to you about gymnasium fixed use reservations for the fall semester and after.

Because of the large number of organizations that want to use the facilities in the gymnasium (arena 1, arena 2, and the martial arts room), it was very difficult to reach an arrangement at the facilities meeting and on top of those difficulties there still have been a number of problems. As a result, we will be implementing the restrictions below for fixed use reservations for the gymnasium starting with the fall semester.

★Premier Clubs: Up to 6 periods Monday through Friday; up to 2 periods total Saturday and Sunday
★General Clubs and General Circles: Up to 2 periods Monday through Friday

* For non-fixed use reservations,organization members should make their own reservations using the online reservation system.
* Premier clubs typically get priority for fixed use reservations, however we ask that everyone cooperate and respect each other, taking other organizations into consideration so that everyone is able to use the facilities as fairly as possible.

Student Office


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