Establishing a New Organization

Procedure to Establish New Student Organization

Submission of Application --> (screening) --> the Result will be announced on the Campus Terminal

Forms for registration

Student who want to form organizations, please read the link below.

AY2021 New Student Organization Registration Schedule
Announcement of Temporarily Registered Organizations and Guidance for New Organizations for Fall Semester are changed to the dates as shown below.

Spring Semester Fall Semester
Application for New Registration
Submission of documents
Wed. April 14 - Fri. April 23 Mon. Oct 11 - Fri. Oct 22
Document Inquiry Period
※Note 1
Mon. April 26 - Fri. April 30 Mon. Oct 25 –Fri. Oct 29
Announcement of Temporarily Registered Organizations Fri. May 14 Fri. Nov 12
Guidance for New Organizations
(There is the possibility that the guidance may be live-streamed instead of held in a classroom.) 
※Note 2
Wed. May 19 from 4th period Wed. Nov 24 from 4th period

※Note 1: Student Office staff will contact applicants with questions concerning the submitted application documents during this period. Please be sure to check your APU email account daily and respond promptly. Staff may also call applicants directly.
※Note 2: Temporarily registered organizations that do not attend the “Guidance for New Organizations” will have their registration status revoked.


We will accept the registration of student organizations according to the following guidelines. Please read the guidelines carefully. The purpose of having two application periods during the year (in the Spring and the Fall) is so students may take time in planning their activities, activity policies, contents, and schedule, as continuity of the organization is seen as an important criteria in the screening.

1. Please make sure to follow the Basic Principles and Cautions for Student Organizations, as well as the below guidelines and rules.
1) What are the important criteria to be recognized as a new organization?

The following are some important points. Please take these into consideration when preparing the application documents.

  1. The significance and reason for registering the organization at APU
    (Why should the organization be registered at APU?)
  2. The clarity of the organization’s purpose
  3. The specificity of the organization’s activities
  4. The organization’s ability to plan activities in an organized manner.
  5. Whether the organization’s continuity for securing members has been accounted for.
  6. *Sports related organizations should ensure and be able to show that safety is accounted for.
2)Benefits of a registered organization
  1. Usage of University facilities and equipment
    Registered organizations are able to use equipment and facilities managed by Student office, as well as classrooms in Building F.
  2. Promotions
    Registered organizations are permitted to distribute flyers and put up posters on bulletin boards on campus.

2. Evaluation <Document Evaluation>
The two documents to submit

Application period: Mon. October 11 - Fri. October 22

  1. Form01 Application for Forming a Student Organization(Excel)
    *Please write accurately and in detail.
  2. Form22 Member List(Excel)
    • - You need at least Five members in order to register a club or organization.
    • - Core members( The position of Representative, Deputy Representative, Accountant, System Administrator) must be held by current APU undergraduate students.
    • - Student cannot be a core member of more than one organization.
    • - Names should be written in the same way they appear on the student ID card.
    • - Student ID number must be included.
    • - The executive positions (Representative, Deputy Representative, Accountant, and System Administrator) must provide their APU email addresses.

*Your documents will not be evaluated if any part is incomplete. Download the forms from the links above.

How to Submit
  1. Go to the following website.
  2. Complete your club/circle information, and the name and student ID of the person submitting the documents.
  3. You can see the list of forms that you need to submit. (You can download each form by clicking the name of each document.)
  4. If you are ready to submit those documents, click "upload files" on the bottom.
  5. Click the "Select file" button and choose the document you want to upload.
    (You can leave "title" and "comment" blank.)
  6. After uploading all the files, click "Return to the questionnaire" button on the bottom.
  7. Press the "Submit" button on the bottom of the screen.
  8. If you are successful in submitting your documents, the screen saying
    "Your document has been sent. You need to email to the Student Office
    to confirm the submission of your documents. If you do not send confirmation by email
    your document submission process will not be completed. "
    will come up.
  9. Email to the Student Office so as to confirm your document submission.
    In the email, please report which documents you have submitted online.
  10. After receiving your email, the Student Office will send you a confirmation email.

★If the information about your activities is not detailed enough, it will be ineligible for evaluation.

Submission date and time must be strickly observed. Absolutely no applications will be accepted after the deadline..

★The completed forms cannot be returned. Please be sure to save a copy of the completed documents to use amongst your members.


Representatives and Deputy Representatives of organizations that passed the screening will notified via personal message on Campus Terminal.

4.Guidance for new organizations
This guidance covers the schedule for the year and support information.
The office will contact you after the schedule and place of the guidance is decided.

Student Office

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