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Campus in the colors of the world! Multicultural Weeks


A representative event series that can only be enjoyed at APU. Attendees can experience the language and culture of another country or region for a whole week. These event weeks are held throughout the year. Students are in charge of all planning and operation, with many students from outside the particular country or region participating to help make the event a success.
Each week features a variety of festivities, including costumes, parades, and food tastings. Friday brings the week to its finale with a Grand Show at Millennium Hall. These shows are hugely popular, drawing attendees from inside and outside the university and leading to long lines to get in.
AY2015 saw a total of 17 weeks take place, among them non-country/region-based weeks like Empowerment Week and Rainbow Week and also first-time ventures like the unique Osaka Week done in collaboration with Yoshimoto Kogyo. What weeks will appear this year?

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