Applying for a Local Exchange Event

Let’s get out into the local community to get to know Japan, Kyushu and Oita! Don’t hesitate to join an exchange event and learn from local people.

<Reminders for applicants>

  • Cancellations cannot be made after applying.
  • In the event there are a large number of applicants, the application period may end before the deadline.
  • After applying, please check the “Action Required” in your Campus Terminal account on a daily basis. A participation notice and information about the event will be sent to your Campus Terminal account.
  • After the participation notice has been sent to your Campus Terminal account, failure to reply to the Student Office within the designated time period will result in being removed from participation in the exchange event. The designated time period is usually within three days.
  • We will send results to all applicants who submit their application by the deadline.
  • You may be seen as a representative of APU when participating in local exchange programs. Please follow the local organization’s instructions and be punctual.

Upcoming local exchange and volunteer activities

Currently, we do not have any local exchange and volunteer activities.

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