Counseling Room

Life as a university student can be bright and full of hope for the future. However, one may from time to time feel anxious and apprehensive, or be faced with unexpected difficulties. International students face the additional challenge of adjusting to an unfamiliar cultural environment. At times you may feel that there is something that you cannot talk about with anyone and you may want someone to listen to you; the Counseling Room is a place where you can talk about such troubles and try to find a solution. Whenever you need to talk about anything - no matter how trifling it is - please do not hesitate to go the Counseling Room. You can be referred to an off-campus professional or specialized institution if you prefer or feel the need. Counsultations are free and available both in English and Japanese. Please be assured that all consultations will be strictly confidential. In principle, students who wish to see a counselor are required to make an appointment in advance. However, it may be possible to make one on the day.


The Counseling Room is located on the ground floor of Building A,
next to the Health Clinic.

Reception Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00-16:30

Consultation Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:30-16:30

In case of emergencies, if the Counseling Room is closed,
please consult the Health Clinic or the Student Office.

Day Counselors for Slot 1 Counselor for Slot 2
Gender Language Gender Language
Monday - - Male Japanese
Zoom or telephone
Tuesday Female Chinese
*In-person, Zoom or telephone
Wednesday Female Chinese
*Zoom or telephone
Thursday Female Japanese
*In-person, Zoom or telephone
Friday Male English
*Zoom or telephone
Making an Appointment
  • By telephone: 0977-78-1126 (ext. 2444) (during office hours)
  • Inquire directly at the Counseling Room (during office hours)
  • E-mail:

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