About the Counseling Room

During your university life, you may be excited and hopeful about the possibilities your future holds, but may also experience a variety of worries and unexpected difficulties.

In the Counseling Room, you will be able to share the challenges you experience in your student life, no matter how small, with a counselor. You are welcome to come to the Counseling Room if you need to talk, need some company, or just need a break. The Counseling Room is a place where counselors will listen to your thoughts and feelings and support your personal growth.

  • Reception Hours

    Monday to Friday: 10:00-16:30

  • Consultation Hours

    Monday to Friday: 10:30-16:30

  • Counselor Schedules

    Day Counselor for slot 1 Counselor for slot 2
    Gender Language Gender Language
    Monday - - Male English
    Tuesday Female Chinese
    Wednesday Female Chinese
    Thursday Female English
    Friday Male English
  • Making an Appointment

    • 1. E-mail: counseli@apu.ac.jp (For consultation appointments and inquiries only)
    • 2. Inquire directly at the Counseling Room (during office hours)
    • 3. By telephone: 0977-78-1126 (ext. 2444) (during office hours)
  • Location/Access

    The Counseling Room is located on the 1st floor (ground floor) of Building A, next to the Health Clinic.
    To get to the Health Clinic, please enter from the back entrance of Building A. (Same entrance you would use to go to the Central Security Office.)


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