How to Use the Counseling Room

Consultation Flow

(1) Apply for a consultation
Applications are accepted by e-mail, in person at the Counseling Room, or by phone.
(2) Fill out the required information.
First-time visitors will be asked to fill out an information sheet and consent form.
(3) Initial session
The main purpose of the first session is for the counselor to listen and gather information about the student’s reasons for coming to the Counseling Room before providing information on how the counselor can help.
(iv) Ongoing counseling (as needed)
While some consultations are relatively short, we may recommend ongoing counseling over a longer period of time depending on the nature of the consultation.

Examples of common consultation topics

Difficulty keeping up with classes, difficulty with group work, etc.
Relationship difficulties with friends, a romantic partner, family, members of the club/circle you belong to, communication problems, etc.
Anxiety about the future
Worried about job hunting, unsure about what you want to do after graduation, difficulty thinking ahead to the future...etc.
Mental and physical health
Feeling depressed, irritable, anxious, unmotivated, unable to sleep, unable to eat, troubled about gender and sexuality...etc.
Problems in circle or part time job, just want to talk and be listened to, need a place to air your complaints, need a place to take a breather, ...etc.


The Counseling Rooms is obligated to protect the privacy of their clients (confidentiality). In general, the contents of your counseling sessions and your history of visits to the Counseling Room will not be shared with anyone outside the Room without your consent. However, if the safety of the client or others is threatened, an exception to the confidentiality obligation may be made and the information may be shared with relevant parties.

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