Q1.Who can use the Counseling Room?
A1.Any student currently enrolled at APU can use this service. We are also open to consultation from friends, share-mates, loved ones, parents, faculty and staff, as long as it relates to a student.
Q2.Is there a consultation fee?
A2. No. Counseling Room services are free of charge.
Q3.What types of consultations are available?
A3.Face-to-face, online (Zoom), and telephone consultations are available. Face-to-face consultations are available only when the university's BCP level is 2 or lower. The Counseling Room email address is for consultation applications only. The Counseling Room does not provide consultations via email.
Q4.Who will I be speaking with?
A4.In the Counseling Room, you will speak with a counselor who is either a licensed clinical psychologist or a certified psychologist.
Q5.What can I talk about?
A5.Please feel free to visit or contact us when you need someone to talk to, listen to you, or be there for you, no matter what the issue may be. Please refer to examples of common consultation topics.
Q6.Will my confidentiality be protected?
A6.The Counseling Room will not release the history of your visit or what was said to a third party without your request or consent, however, exceptions to confidentiality may be made and information may be provided to relevant parties if the safety of the student or others is threatened.
Q7.Is it necessary to make a consultation appointment?
A7.Appointments are given priority in order to ensure sufficient consultation time. It may be possible to receive counseling without an appointment (walk-in) if a consultation slot is available.
Q8.Is it possible to consult in English?
A8.You can consult in either Japanese or English. Some counselors are available for consultations in other languages on certain days. Please refer to the Counselor Schedule for details.
Q9.Are counseling services available during long vacations?
A9.The Counseling Room is open on weekdays during summer and spring vacations. It is closed during designated periods in the summer and winter when all administrative offices are closed, on Saturdays and national holidays, and during quarter breaks.
Q10.Can counselors prescribe medicine?
A10.No. The Counseling Room does not prescribe or provide medicine.
Q11.I feel uncomfortable visiting the Counseling Room as I’m worried someone may see me going there.
A11.The Counseling Room entrance is located on the back side of Building A near the Central Security Office which is relatively less crowded and allows you to enter the Counseling Room without the worry of coming into contact with many people.

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