AP House Policies and Procedures

Currently, AP House 3 is not offering rooms for general students.

Requirements to be a resident
  • Must be an undergraduate or a graduate student
  • Have been enrolled at APU for a year or longer
Period of Residence
Up to one year, however, an extension may be possible upon selection.
Application period
Three months before the desired move-in date.
Procedures to Reside in AP House 3
  1. Applicants need to submit the "Application" and "Regulations" forms with their signature and seal to Creotech on the second floor of Building A or the Central Security Office on the first floor of Building A. Applicants who are unable to go to the reception desk to submit their application because they are on a leave of absence or for some other reason, will need to send the "Application" and "Regulations" forms with their signature and seal via email to Creotech at aphcreo@apu.ac.jp.
  2. The screening results will be sent to the applicants by email. Successful applicants will receive an invoice with their results. They must transfer the money to the University's bank account on their own by the deadline. Please note that the payment for moving in will not be accepted after the deadline.
AP House 1 and 2 residents who are moving to AP House 3 will get their deposits transferred to AP House 3. However, residents whose deposits are being used for unpaid house fees or repairs will need to pay the insufficient amount.

【Contact】Creotech Co., Ltd. TEL: 0977-88-5958 Email: aphcreo@apu.ac.jp

Eviction policies
A student’s permission to reside in AP House 3 will be revoked in situations such as:
  • Not completing the required procedures by the specified deadlines.
  • Making false statements in their submitted documents.
  • Not paying fees by the specified deadlines.
Necessary Procedures after Moving in

Electricity at AP House 3 is contracted to residents individually. Please follow the instructions provided by a staff member at the Security Office to complete the contract procedures.

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