Important Reminders for Residents

  • Coverage under a voluntary insurance policy is mandatory if you will be using a motorcycle. Your motorcycle will be locked up without warning if it is found that your insurance has expired.
AP House Regulations
Things prohibition in Rooms
  • Keep Fire Away. Using portable gas stoves in the facility is prohibited.
  • Use of heating appliances such as oil heaters, oil fan heaters, electric heaters, and infrared heaters are prohibited.
  • You are not permitted to keep pets in your room. This includes temporarily looking after them as well.
  • Do not play instruments such as guitars, etc. in your room.
Itinerary and Contact Information Form

All residents are asked to submit the Itinerary and Contact Information Form, following the procedures below, when they will be away from AP House for more than one day. Completing this form helps ensure the health and safety of the residents from infectious diseases. Additionally, this form will assist the University to confirm the well-being of its students if disasters such as fires or earthquakes occur. The University asks for everyone's cooperation and understanding.

  1. Fill in and submit an Itinerary and Contact Information Form at the Security Office. This form can be completed on the day of their departure. *
  2. Give their room key to the Security Office on the day of their departure.

* Residents should inform the Security Office if their return date changes.
Itinerary and Contact Information Form

Health management

All residents who stay in other prefectures are asked to monitor their health condition two weeks after returning to AP House. After returning to AP House, residents need to receive information about performing health checks from the Security Office. Residents are asked to begin taking their temperature and monitoring their health condition from the evening they return to AP House.

Pay special attention not to inconvenience other residents
  • Do not create a disturbance on dormitory premises. Being noisy does not only create problems for dormitory residents, but for others in the surrounding neighborhood.
Other prohibitions
  • No visitors are allowed between 10pm and 8am.
  • The front door locks automatically from 1pm – 8am (next day).
  • You are allowed to smoke only in the designated smoking areas.
  • We ask that you help in separating the garbage.

“Medical Assistance Service (Operating Company: Emergency Assistance Japan)” is a service for APU International Students while they are in Japan.
“Medical Assistance Call” is available 24/7. Service in 18 languages.

Telephone Number:
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian language
Tagalog / Nepali / Malaysian / Burmese / Khmer / Portuguese / Spanish / French
German / Italian / Russian
  • Students will be referred to an appropriate medical institution over the telephone.
  • Three-way telephone interpretation service is available if a student is having difficulty understanding Japanese at a clinic or hospital.

The interpretation service is available only with the doctor’s permission.

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