Using the Fitness Room

The Fitness Room is currently closed due to the coronavirus outbreak. Students will be notified of the date it will reopen as well as AY2020 Fitness Room Safety Guidance dates as soon as that information is available.

In order to use the Fitness Room in the Gymnasium, you will first need to attend a Fitness Room safety guidance session.

Using the Fitness Room
  1. Student ID Car
  2. A towel
  3. Indoor shoes*

*In order to maintain a hygienic environment, indoor shoes are to be used only in the Gymnasium and Fitness Room.

Guidance session schedule

**For Fall Semester**

The 2019 guidance session dates are listed below. Moreover, since there is a possibility that the dates may change, please check the Student Office homepage for updates. Please bring your Student ID card and pen to the session.
Please be aware that latecomers will not be admitted into the guidance session.

Fitness Room Guidance Session Timetable

Date Appointed time and Place
Mon. Sep 30 11:30 ~ 【 Place: F104 】
Wed. Oct 9 16:30 ~ 【 Place: F201 】
Wed. Nov 27 16:30 ~ 【 Place: F201 】
Wed. Feb 12 16:30 ~ 【 Place: F201 】

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