Ⅰ. APU Club / Circle Activities

▼(ⅴ)Types of Registered Organizations

(i)Basic Principles of Student Organizations

* Organizations must adhere to these principles when conducting activities.

1.International Mutual Understanding
It is desirable that a student organization will be comprised of students coming from different countries and regions in accordance with the APU philosophy of International Understanding.
A student organization is required to establish its rules and conduct activities under the principles of democracy.
3.Prohibition of violence that threatens academic freedom and autonomy of the university
APU respects the freedom of each and every student to pursue their academic activities, and strives to create an environment for students to grow into talented people after graduation. Therefore, any violence or threat to the freedom of academic activities is prohibited on campus.

(ⅱ)Postal Mail/ Disclosure of Information

Postal Mail
Colored Box (located in the Student Office)
  • Mail delivered to the university will be sorted into clear folders by organization number. Please check this from time to time.
  • Any mail not picked up will be thrown out (each semester).
  • In general, mail that is sent COD will not be accepted. Please be sure to inform the office in advance to explain the situation in the event that you need to receive items send COD.
  • If you will have packages sent to the university, have it sent in your organization name. Mail sent to individual names will not be accepted.
  • The Student Office is not responsible for lost or stolen mail items.
Disclosure of Information
The Student Office often receives requests from local communities and other offices at APU for performances by student groups. Please be aware that the Student Office will share newly registered club/circle’s information from the “Application for Forming a Student Organization” Form 01 and the representative’s email address with third parties. Sections of the “Application for Continuing Club/Circle Activities” submitted by clubs/circles registered in the previous year will be shared. Please inform the Office in advance if you do not want this information disclosed.


Student organizations that are registered with APU (Student Office) are required to carry out appropriate accounting procedures. Please be sure to regularly update yearly budgets and accounting reports. You will be required to submit documents such as an accounting report together with the “Application for Continuing Club/Circle Activities” to confirm that money is being managed properly when you apply for re-registration. Club/circle activities will not be approved for the next academic year if the required documents are not submitted


1.How the University Contacts Clubs/Circles

■By personal message or announcements on Campus Terminal
■Notices posted on the Student Office website
■APU Email ※Organization leaders must check the email and relay all information to their members.

2.How to contact the Student Office

To contact the Club/Circle team in the Student Office:
■Come to the counter in the Student Office
■Send an email to stueca@apu.ac.jp

3.Encouraging interaction between organizations
(The university encourages clubs and circles to engage in exchange and interaction with other organizations in the following ways):

1.Organization Representative List
The Organization Representative List, a document that has the representative’s name, email address and description of the organization’s activities, will be available in the Student Office. Please refer to this list when you wish to contact other organizations.
2.Exchange Events
The University, together with premier clubs, organize exchange events open to all student organizations. Organizations will be notified of these events beforehand by email.
3.Representative Meeting
This is a meeting organized by premier clubs that all organizations can participate in. The goal is to promote interaction and an exchange of ideas between organizations. Premier clubs will notify all organizations by email beforehand with the date of the meeting and other information.
4.Premier Club Meeting
This meeting is scheduled once a month while classes are in session, and is held with the goal of allowing representatives from the various premier clubs the opportunity to engage with their fellow organizations and to work on event planning and preparation. Other organizations may attend the meeting and observe.

(ⅴ)Types of Registered Organizations

Clubs and circles at APU are organized into the following categories.

1.Organization Categories 

Premier Club
General Club

The Student Office may elect to change the status of general clubs based on the organization's regular activities and the continuation assessment carried out at the end of the year. There is an application period at the end of the year where organizations can apply for premier club status. Refer to the Student Office website for application criteria.

3.Support available to clubs

Premier General
Hold Events
Distribute Flyers
Use Bulletin
Use University
Facilities or
Reserve Facilities/
Equipment for
Regular Use

Year + Quarter

Subsidies ×

Use Lockers or
Equipment Storage

Prioritized Use
Cafeteria Booth

Fixed reservations for the year: Can reserve and use student facilities on specific days and times throughout the entire year.

Reservations for the quarter: Possible to reserve university facilities for on a quarter-basis at the Facility Meeting held at the start of each quarter.

(vi)Local Exchange

The University has actively embraced relationships with local residents and community events. While a mainstay of participation is performing in events, we are also involved in other forms of exchange with the goal of interacting with people in the community.

When a request comes to the Student Office, the University considers the wishes of the person or organization making the request before contacting the most suitable organizations. Local exchange events are a valuable chance for clubs and circles to present the fruits of their daily activities to local residents. This is also a valuable chance for organizations to encounter unique local events, customs, and culture.

When participating in an event, organizations must submit the necessary forms via the online application system at least 10 days prior to the start of the event.

Organizations are required to apply for insurance coverage for the day(s) of the event, in the unlikely chance that an accident or incident occurs in the course of participating in the event.

This also applies if the request to participate comes directly from the event organizer and not the Student Office. Be sure to submit these forms.

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