Ⅱ. Emergency Communications / Safety Measures for Club Activities

Safety Measures for Club Activities
Every organization must always keep the possibility of injuries in mind and be prepared. For the University to assist in emergencies, it is important that you submit an Off-Campus Activities Proposal, a member list, and the contact information of your destination via the online application system.

(i) Emergency Communications

  • If a member of your club is injured during your on-campus activities, you should immediately call for an ambulance (Phone: 119).
  • After you call an ambulance, report the incident to the Central Security Office to lead the ambulance to the scene of the on-campus accident.
  • In the event of an accident during an excursion, be sure to contact the Student Office.

(ii) Safety Measures for Activities

1. Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance for Students Pursuing Education and Research (gakkensai)

All regular APU students are covered by insurance (premiums paid by APU) should they be involved in an accident or sustain an injury while conducting research or activities. For more details regarding this insurance, refer to: http://www.jees.or.jp/gakkensai/.
You need to apply within three weeks after the accident. Please refer to page 74 of the Campus Life Handbook for more information.

Coverage Days of Medical Treatment Amount of Medical Coverage Hospitalization Coverage
For injuries sustained carrying out activities on APU facilities or activities that have been reported to APU 14 days or more ¥30,000 ~ ¥300,000 ¥4,000 per day,
up to 180 days
Sports Safety Insurance

If your circle activities are associated with any risk of injury, please purchase this insurance (1,860 yen per person). Sports organizations who will be taking part in competitions and activities outside the campus must be insured. Sports organizations who will be taking part in activities at APU are also asked to consider purchasing insurance. This insurance also covers local exchange and volunteer activities. Please come to the Student Office to get more information.
Submit a copy of the “Request to Purchase Insurance” to the Student Office after applying.

Coverage Days of Medical Treatment Amount of Medical Coverage/
Hospitalization Coverage
Coverage area: Covers APU facilities, excursions, and activities reported to the university, for the round trip from the registered address of the insured person to the event and back.
Coverage period: From April 1 until March 31 of the following year.
Compensation begins the first day for outpatient treatment and hospitalizations For more details see
2. University Sponsored Safety Measures for Club Activities
①First Aid Workshop

【Purpose】To provide students with the skills to be able to provide first aid until emergency medical personnel arrive if a member is critically injured (unconscious, etc.) during extracurricular activities.
【Date】Held once a year
【Contents】CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation), How to use AED (Automated External Defibrillator) ※A completion certificate will be provided after you complete the workshop.
【Cooperation】 Beppu City Fire Department
【Target Participants】 Member of sports clubs MUST attend this workshop. Art circles and academic circles may also attend.

②Risk Management Seminar

【Purpose】Safety strategies for overseas excursions
【Date】Held once a year
【Contents】Simulation, safety strategies (immunizations・insurance)
【Target Participants】Student organizations planning an overseas excursion

(iii) Preparing for student organization’s overseas activities

1. Plan carefully

You will learn a lot from doing activities overseas and being exposed to different environments. However, you may encounter incidents/accidents in different countries that you did not anticipate making it very important to plan carefully for your trip. Here are some things your student organization needs to consider in planning your trip;

✔ What are the purposes and goals of your trip?
✔ Is this trip the best way to achieve the purposes or goals?
✔ Is it cost effective?
✔ Are the destinations safe? Check the latest safety information on the destinations.
✔ How can you prevent your members from having an accident?
✔ How will your members deal with an accident/emergency if it actually happens? Can your members really do it?
✔ What kind of immunization is necessary in visiting the destinations? Go to the APU Health Clinic to ask for an advice.
✔ If you are going with a big group, how will you manage them while traveling?
✔ Do you have enough time to organize for passports/visas for all the members?
✔ Have you consulted with your advisor about your overseas activity (if your organization has an advisor)?

2. Attend the Overseas Trip Leader’s Guidance Session

Date & Time: Specified by the Student Office (Information on guidance dates and times will be posted in the Notices section of the Student Office website.)
Two representatives from organizations that are either planning or considering to conduct overseas activities must attend this guidance session. No reservation is required. In principal, the university will not approve overseas activities of the student organizations that do not attend this guidance.
Please read through the forms listed in 5 below. If you bring a rough draft of these forms, Student Office staff will check them after the guidance.

3. Obtain Permission from Your Guardian

All members going need to inform their guardians/parents about trip details including the flights, accommodation, schedule, and emergency contact information and submit a guardian consent form to the Student Office. Your guardian must state that they give their permission to participate in the trip and write their name, address, and phone number before signing and dating the form at the bottom. Please be aware that the Student Office may directly contact guardians about the trip.
Students over 20 years of age may submit a self-declaration letter in place of the guardian consent form. In the self-declaration letter, please state that you have received permission from your guardian to participate in the trip and write your name, your guardian’s name, address, and phone number, before signing and dating the letter at the bottom.

4. Purchase Travel Insurance

All members must purchase travel insurance that will cover them for the entire travel period. Members who are originally from the country the group will be traveling to and possess a local insurance policy that will cover them while they are there are recommended to purchase additional insurance, but it is not mandatory.

5. Submit the following documents to the Student Office on time.

Document Name Form No. Deadline
1 Overseas Activities Proposal & Map Registration System “Activity Registration” → ”Overseas Activity Registration" Date specified by the Student Office
2 List of Participants for the Overseas Activity* Attach the Form Overseas 02 when you lodge the abovementioned “Overseas Activity Registration” in the Registration system
3 Overseas Activities Schedule Sheet Attach the Form Overseas 03 when you lodge the abovementioned “Overseas Activity Registration” in the Registration system
(Can be replaced with a free format version)
4 Guardian Consent Form Bring these to the Student Office.
5 Copy of Insurance Certificate**
6 Passport Copy

* APU will apply for an emergency support service on your behalf (this is NOT insurance). Please report any member changes to the Student Office as soon as possible.
** If the insurance certificate is written in a language other than English or Japanese, please translate the insurance company name, student name, insurance coverage period, and company’s phone number in the margins of the copy.

Applications in which the content in forms 1 to 3 is insufficient will be shown as "dismissed" on the online application system. Student Office staff will leave instructions on how to revise the application in the comment section at the bottom (“Comment” section in the “Approved Status”). Please revise the content as indicated in the instructions and resubmit the application.

When resubmitting an application, please click the "Application status" icon on the top of the screen and then select "Takeover application" on the left side of the screen. Selecting the previously submitted application will show all the content of the previous application on the screen. Please make sure to revise the content according to the instructions and resubmit the application.
Please be advised that the university may not approve the trip depending on the trip plan.

6. Attend the University Safety and Crisis Management & Vaccination Guidance Session (Required for all participants)

(1) For students who will travel overseas but not to their home country: Participate in the specified guidance session.
(2) For students who will travel to their home country: Participate in the specified guidance session.

All members who will participate in an overseas activity must attend this session. If you have members who cannot attend this session due to unavoidable reasons such as attending a class, a representative of the student organization for the overseas trip must let the Student Office know the name of the absent students and their reasons for absence 3 days prior to the guidance at the latest. In principal, the office will only accept absence due to classes. The Student Office will hold a follow up session for them. The University may not allow members who do not attend this session to participate in the trip.

7. Before Departure

All members who will participate in the overseas activity must take a copy of the Overseas Activities Proposal and the Overseas Activities Schedule Sheet that were submitted to the Student Office, and an Emergency Contact Card which will be handed out at the Safety and Crisis Management Guidance Session with them. If the group leader of this trip forgets their mobile phone or if their phone number changes, they must inform the Student Office of their new number. If your student organization has an advisor, please notify your advisor about your trip details prior to departure.

9. During the overseas activity

Frequently check for safety and health advisories in the area you will be traveling to and always prioritize safety during your activities. In the case of emergency, please contact the university or the list of people/organizations listed on your emergency card.

10. After your club / circle finishes the overseas activity

Submit the “Event Report” via the online application system within 10 working days after your club/circle finishes your overseas activity. If your club/circle has an advisor, please contact them as quickly as possible to let them know that you have safely returned home.

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