Ⅲ. Using Facilities and Equipments

(i) Using Facilities

1. Recurring use reservations

Registered student organizations can make reservations for University facilities up to two weeks in advance by using the account ID and password assigned to their organization to login to the Facilities and Equipment Reservation System. In order to allow organizations a sense of stability to their activities, there is also a system that allows organizations to make regular, recurring reservations.
Premier clubs, general clubs, and general circles can make these reservations for facilities or equipment on a quarterly basis, or during extended breaks. Recurring reservations are decided at the facility meeting held before each quarter or extended break.

How to make reservations for Sports Facilities or Student Union
1. Attend the facility meeting (organizations are contacted with the time and place of the meeting about four weeks in advance)

2. Organizations that want to use various facilities are gathered together at the meeting to make adjustments to their reservations.

3. Once adjustments have been made, the Student Office enters the reservations in the facilities and equipment reservation system.

4. Confirm your reservations in the facilities and equipment reservation system before use.

5. Pick up the key from the Central Security Office or gym office to use the facilities or equipment.
Recurring Reservation / Facility Meeting Rules

1. Organizations should resolve any scheduling or usage conflicts between themselves. Take into consideration any events or matches for each organization, discuss the matter, and come to a resolution.
2. Each organization can reserve up to two periods per day.
3. One organization cannot reserve two or more locations for the same time period.
4. Attendance at the Facility Meeting is required; organizations who do not attend the facility meeting will not be able to make recurring reservations.
5. During the meeting, organizations will be grouped according to the facilities they want to use to discuss and make adjustments to their schedules. Accordingly, organizations need to make sure they have at least one member attending for each facility they want to reserve.
6. The Student Office enters reservations into the facility and equipment reservation system based on the results of the Facility Meeting. Be sure to confirm everything before the end of the Facility Meeting.
7. If there is a day that you will not be using a facility or equipment you have reserved, cancel your reservation for that day in the facility and equipment reservation system. If any problems arise because an organization fails to do this the Student Office may cancel their reservation, and the organization may lose their ability to make recurring reservations.

Priority for Recurring Reservations

1. Premier Clubs
2. General Clubs
3. General Circles
4. Event Committees, Multicultural Weeks
5. Organizations who came late to the Facility Meeting
※Organizations who do not attend the facility meeting will not be permitted to make fixed-use reservations.

Premier Club Recurring Reservations

Premier clubs may make recurring reservations for a quarter or long break one week earlier than general clubs or general circles, and may make recurring reservations for up to two periods per week. Additionally, premier clubs can make a recurring reservation for one facility up to two times a week on an annual (yearly) basis. Annual reservations do not include long breaks.
• Premier clubs have priority when making recurring reservations for the year during the first quarter of the spring semester.
• Annual recurring reservations do not include summer break (August-September) and spring break (February-March).
• Recurring reservations for classrooms are made on a semester, not annual, basis.

Making a Fixed-use Reservation for Classrooms

① Electronically submit the fixed-use application during the application period (for semester reservations)

② The Student Office will contact each organization after making arrangements.

③ Fixed-use reservation complete.

・If you need to use a classroom on a regular basis more than twice, please submit the application forms properly.
・Submit single-use classroom reservation applications at least four business days in advance.

(ii) Facility Descriptions

1. Facilities available through online reservation
Student Union Facilities
・Please present your student ID card to the Central Security Office to receive the key. Clean facilities after use and check that all lights are turned off and doors/windows are locked. Return the key and inform the Central Security Office that you have finished.
・Brooms, dustpans, and are provided in the all rooms on the second floor of Student Union 1. Use these to clean the areas you have used.
・Groups using the music rooms and event space should fill in a check sheet. Take the check sheet when receiving the key to the music room, and submit it when returning the key to the Central Security Office.
・Organizations using Student Union facilities must participate in cleanings held twice a year.
・Please present your student ID card to the Central Security Office to receive the key.
・When storing works in progress, be sure to label equipment clearly to identify which group it belongs
・The Atelier is not for storage. After you have finished your activities, please remove all personal belongings.
・Organizations using the Atelier must participate in cleanings held twice a year.
Multi-purpose Ground
・Please present your student ID card at the Gym to receive the key. Even if another organization has already borrowed the key, please come sign up with your student ID.
・If any other groups are using the ground at the same time, please speak with the other groups and make adjustments to share the space as necessary.
・After using the grounds, please use the rake near the entrance to clean the field. Please fill out the “Multi-purpose Ground checksheet” before and after using the grounds and submit this to the reception desk in the gymnasium.
・The ground is reserved for individual use during fifth period every Tuesday and Saturday.
・Organizations using the Multipurpose Ground must participate in cleanings held twice a year.
Gymnasium, Arena & Fitness room 
・Outdoor shoes are prohibited inside the gymnasium. Please wear indoor shoes.
・Do not disturb other arena users, by not crossing directly across a court. Instead, walk around the outside of courts.
・Please keep any drink bottles on the rubber mats provided and drink it there. (Mats are available in the gym staff room). For safety reasons, mop up any spilt water, juice, sweat etc.
・Please mop your area of the floor after use.
・Individual use periods are Tuesday period 2-3, Friday period 4-5, and Sunday period 5.
・Anyone wishing to use the fitness room must first attend the fitness room guidance and get a fitness room card. Check the Student Office homepage for the fitness room guidance schedule.
・Organizations using the storage room in the gym must participate in cleanings held twice a year.
Tennis Courts
・Please present your student ID card at the gym to borrow the key.
・Please be sure to wear tennis shoes when using the tennis courts. APU does not lend tennis balls or rackets.
・Loosen court nets and use a court brush to sweep courts after use.
・Court 3 is reserved for individual use.
2. Facilities reserved at the Student Office
Student Council Room
Based on students’ application, students that carry out activities (such as holding an event, or other non-regular activities) that are deemed to apply to the following shall be permitted to use the Student Council Room. Students who wish to use the Student Council Room are asked to inquire at the Student Office and fill out a Student Council Room Use Request form.
① Activities that frequently require a considerable amount of office duties and operating space.
② Activities that require a reception desk for participants, or a fixed place to deal with on- or off-campus persons.
・Use of the printing, cutting, and folding machines in the Student Council Room requires online reservation. If you use the printing machines, present your student ID card at the Central Security Office to borrow the key.
・Cleaning is done with the cooperation of organizations using the office, so please exercise responsibility and clean as needed.
・Student Office staff shall conduct inspections after use. After returning equipment to its original location and cleaning the office, notify the Student Office staff.
Millennium Hall
Millennium Hall is not normally available for student use. However, for students conducting special activities, permission for use may be given based on their application. Please ask at the Student Office.
① For events where more than 300 persons are expected to be in attendance.
②To practice for events held at locations on a similar scale to Millennium Hall.
・Only certain groups are allowed to use the light and sound control room. If you want to use the control room, please consult with the staff.
・You can reserve the Millennium Hall in advance for up to 1 rehearsal (for a maximum of four hours) and the day of your event (when it is possible to reserve it all day). All other rehearsals (maximum of 4 hours) can be reserved up to 2 weeks beforehand.
※In principle a maximum of four hours is permitted but please submit a rehearsal schedule if more time is required. It may be only possible to reserve the actual time of use.
Main Ground
・The main ground can be be reserved in the Student Office beginning at 10:00 every Monday morning. If Monday is a holiday, reservations can be made the next regular office day.
・Reservations are accepted up until Sunday of the following week, on a first-come, first-served basis. Reservations can be made for a maximum of two days a week, up to two periods per day.
・After use, be sure to pick up any trash, and use the rollers or brushes to smooth out the surface of the track. (Particular care should be taken when wearing shoes with spikes or cleats -- be sure to use a mat to avoid causing damage to the track.)
3. Facilities reserved by submitting data to Submit Report
・For other than regular use of classrooms (in buildings F, FII, D, and H) please submit the appropriate request forms.
・After use, clean and straighten the room, and confirm all lights have been shut off, and all windows and doors have been closed and locked.
・Using classrooms without following proper procedures will result in severe penalties from the University.
Equipment Storage / Lockers / Storage
・Submit the reservation form (Form 24) to the submit report folder during the reservation period.
・Present your student ID card for the key at the Central Security Office.
・Organizations using equipment storage, lockers, or any other storage must participate in cleanings held twice a year.

(iii) Equipment

Please use the online system to reserve equipment. For detailed information, see “Common Regulations” in section (iv) below, “Important Notes When Using APU Facilities and Equipment”.
Using the sound equipment requires special training. You must attend the Sound Equipment Guidance Session before being allowed to use them. See the Student Office homepage for guidance schedules.

(iv) Important Notes When Using APU Facilities and Equipment

Common Regulations

・Facilities are only to be used for approved purposes.
・Each group is allowed to reserve 2 periods maximum per day.
・Reservations will be accepted online and no more than 2 weeks in advance.
・Please be sure to cancel your reservation online as soon as you know that a reserved facility will not be used at the scheduled time.

※ Organizations that have canceled three or more reservations for regularly scheduled use of the facilities without notifying the above offices in advance will automatically lose their time slot for that semester. However, for outside activities, if you cannot make cancellations in advance due to sudden changes in weather, we will understand it as an unavoidable circumstance.

・Students are not allowed to transfer their right to use facilities to others.
・Please observe time restrictions. Please ensure all setting up and cleaning is also completed within the allocated time. Ensure you return all keys promptly after use.
・Please be aware that these are common facilities at APU and be sure to follow directions from staff.
・Damage to facilities/equipment must be reported to APU. Compensation may be required in some cases.
・Drinking inside facility areas and use of facilities under the influence of alcohol are strictly prohibited.
・It is prohibited to eat and drink in the facilities. However, in order to prevent heat injuries and maintain hydration, beverages may be allowed if you apply to the Student Office for permission in advance.
・APU is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please take care of your belongings by keeping your valuables in a locker in the gymnasium.
・Please return equipment after use. Ensure all doors and windows are locked and lights are turned off.
・It is your responsibility to take your own garbage out.
・Students who cause disturbances, or fail to clean up after use may be refused entry to facilities in the future.
・Groups that remove equipment from its designated place without permission will be prohibited from reserving facilities and equipment in the future.
・During spring and summer breaks there is a period where all facilities will be closed. The Student Office will inform you of these periods so do not plan your activities during these dates.
・There will be times when facilities are not available due to Center Tests or entrance examinations.
・When you use the facilities at APU for official games (such as Kyushu Sports League), please ask the organizer (student association) to write a request to the University.
・In principle, we do not permit student groups to sell some products or to collect charity on campus. If you wish to do so, come and consult with staff at the Student Office.
・Organizations planning on taking University equipment off campus must first come to the Student Office to discuss their plans, and will be required to complete certain procedures.

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