Status of Residence (Visas)

Have you renewed your visa?

You must submit application from at least one month pior to the final day of your period of stay.

International students:

  • Be aware. Be responsible.
    As part of being a student at APU, you need to have a proper understanding of your student visa and the immigration laws of Japan.

    IMPORTANT! About Student VISA.

  • If you don't follow the rules…
    You could face penalties ranging from being unable to renew your visa, being denied a work permit, or you could even be forced to leave Japan.
    Not knowing the rules, laws, and ordinances is no excuse.

    IMPORTANT! Ten things you must NOT do.

  • Observed all deadlines!
    You have a duty to complete all requirements before the deadline.
  • Promptly reply when contacted by the office.
    We may send you a personal message if we need to contact you regarding your visa, so reply as necessary.
    Check your personal messages on a regular basis.

For inquiries, contact the Student Office.
Phone: 0977-78-1124 Email:

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