Submission/Completion Guidelines

  1. Go to the following website.
  2. Select the language for the survey, and click "next".
  3. Complete your Multicultural Week information, and the name and student ID of the person submitting the documents.
  4. Choose the category of the document that you are submitting.
    (Depending on the category selected, more details will come up below. Again choose the category of the document that you are submitting.)
  5. You can see the list of forms that you need to submit.
  6. (You can download each form by clicking the name of each document.)
  7. If you are ready to submit those documents, click "upload files" on the bottom.
  8. Click the "Select file" button and choose the document you want to upload.
    (You can leave "title" and "comment" blank.)
  9. After uploading all the files, click "Return to the questionnaire" button on the bottom.
  10. Press the "Submit" button on the bottom of the screen.
  11. If you are successful in submitting your documents, the screen saying
    "Your document has been sent. You need to email to the Student Office
    to confirm the submission of your documents. If you do not send confirmation by email
    your document submission process will not be completed. "
    will come up.
  12. Email to the Student Office so as to confirm your document submission.
    In the email, please report which documents you have submitted online.
  13. After receiving your email, the Student Office will send you a confirmation email.

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