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Bridge between APU students and local community SAS- Student Activity Station

“I want to join a local exchange, but I’m not sure where to start….” SAS will help you! SAS holds the "Local Exchange Guidance" once a month for students participating in their first local exchange and plans events, so APU students have the opportunity to meet members of the local community. SAS also plans exchange events where students can learn about the local community as well as events where students can share their culture with elementary and junior high school students and other members of the local community. Through SAS events, students can participate in exchanges as well as experience personal growth. There are many benefits to SAS.

SAS has three teams, and each team plans events according to their team's objective.

Community Support Team
The Community Support Team organizes various cultural exchange events with children and the local residents in Beppu City and Hiji Town. This team plans events where the APU students and local residents can do mutual exchanges such as APU students teaching English to elementary and junior high school students and introducing the culture of their home country.

Student Support Team
The Student Support Team organizes events for students who have never participated in a local exchange. The Student Support Team has organized events such as the Yufuin Tour as well as the Kannawa Tour to introduce the local area to the APU students and to meet members of the local community.

Innovation Team
The Innovation Team plans and implements new and unique events with the local community and APU students. This team has organized events such as Beppu Bay cleanups, cultural exchanges at high schools where participants joined calligraphy and flower arrangements classes, and also bamboo craft workshops.

Additionally, all of the teams plan and implement 1-2 events per semester at the request from members of the local community,

Please come and participate in SAS events.

To check out previously held events and to find more information about upcoming events, search "APU SAS" on Facebook.

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