TSS - Technical Support Staff

Experts backstage who help make big events possible

We are the student staff providing sound and lighting technical support to University- sponsored events. In 2015 we had members from eleven different countries and regions, engaging in multicultural exchange through technology. We are an organization of professionals, constantly striving to improve our technical skills, focusing on that day's rehearsals and events, and proudly supporting appealing events.

Q. What have you learned from your activities?

A. At APU events, both the organizers and the audience are multinational. This is the appeal of the event but, at the same time, it also presents certain challenges. In order to make the event the organizers envision into one the audience will enjoy, it is necessary to meet many times and to deepen our communication across the barriers of cultural practice and language. By going through this process, one can gain an appreciation for the events they would not be able to get by just watching the performance on stage. Having learned this,
we feel a great sense of responsibility when making the event a reality. I think this sense of responsibility makes us want to not do sloppy work and enables us to provide the support to put on better and better events.

Q. What do you feel is important in carrying out your activities?

A. We have a strong desire to make the Multicultural Weeks and other events we take care of successful. There are a lot of things we need to be careful about in preparing an event. How to reduce mistakes and unexpected occurrences in the event everyone has put their hearts into, how one can continue to keep a wide view of the event... I think these are the things it is important to consider. I think having the goal of making the events successful enables us to continue our activities, realize new things, and grow.

Q. What sort of activities does TSS do?

A. We mainly act as support for various official events put on by the university. Specifically, we operate the sound and lighting equipment for the Entrance Ceremony and the Multicultural Weeks and consult on event production. We strive tirelessly everyday to learn new techniques to improve events.

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