Important Reminders for Residents

▼  Safety and Security
▼  AP House Regulations
▼  Emergencies
▼  Disciplinary Actions

Safety and Security

Residents are required to observe all of the following dormitory regulations and precautions upon moving into AP House.


The stipulated AP House dormitory fees must be paid by the deadlines designated by the University.


Residents are required to help keep the common areas clean and comfortable.


Residents are required to conserve energy, water and electricity.


To ensure emergency evacuation routes are free of any obstructions and to prevent theft, residents must not leave personal belongings in public areas including the corridors, laundry rooms, and communal kitchens.


Residents must not leave the kitchen unattended when cooking.


Compensation for Damage:
Residents who damage fixtures, furniture, or equipment in their room or communal spaces are required to inform the Security Office and pay to replace or repair the damaged items. Additionally, residents who lose their room keys are also required to notify the Security Office and pay to replace the lost key.


Report of Equipment Failures:
Residents need to report to the Security Office if there are any problems with the electricity, plumbing, hot-water supply system, or any other equipment.


Room Assignment:
The Dean of Student Affairs is authorized to decide on the assignment of rooms. Residents may not exchange assigned rooms without the permission of the Dean of Student Affairs. Your request for changing room is not acceptable unless there is some particular reason.


Posted Notices:
Residents must obtain permission from the AP House Office before posting notices in AP House.
Notices must be pinned on all four corners.


Visitors are required to write their names in the Visitors' Book at the Security Office when visiting residents.
Visiting hours are from 8:00 to 22:00.


Itinerary and Contact Information Form:
All residents are asked to submit the Itinerary and Contact Information Form, following the procedures below, when they will be away from AP House for more than one day. Completing this form helps ensure the health and safety of the residents from infectious diseases. Additionally, this form will assist the University to confirm the well-being of its students if disasters such as fires or earthquakes occur. The University asks for everyone's cooperation and understanding.

  1. Fill in and submit an Itinerary and Contact Information Form at the Security Office. This form can be completed on the day of their departure. *
  2. Inform their floor RA that they will be away from AP House
  3. Give their room key to the Security Office on the day of their departure.

* Residents should inform their floor RA if their return date changes.
Itinerary and Contact Information Form


Health management:
All residents who stay in other prefectures are asked to monitor their health condition two weeks after returning to AP House. After returning to AP House, residents need to receive information about performing health checks from the Security Office. Residents are asked to begin taking their temperature and monitoring their health condition from the evening they return to AP House.

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AP House Regulations

1.Purpose of AP House

Residents are not permitted to use AP House rooms for any purpose other than personal accommodation.

2.Sales or Solicitation Activities

Residents are not permitted to engage in any solicitation or sales activities on the premises of AP House without the permission of the Dean of Student Affairs.

3.Pet policy

Residents are not allowed to keep pets, including fish.

4.Overnight visitors

Residents are not permitted to have visitors, including parents, siblings, and friends, stay overnight with them in AP House. Residents who have overnight guests may be evicted. Residents shall be jointly responsible for problems caused by visitors.


Residents need to be considerate of the other residents when listening to music in their rooms or holding events at AP House. Residents are required to immediately stop their activities if their sound levels are negatively impacting other residents.

6.Dangerous behavior

Violent, dangerous, and criminal behavior are prohibited. Also, the possession of weapons and dangerous items such as flammables is not permitted.

7.Fire Prevention

Take special precautions when using electric heaters, electric hot plates and other electric goods on the premises of AP House. The use of kerosene is prohibited. Residents are asked to become familiar with how to use the fire extinguishers that are provided on each floor.

8.Open flames

The use of the following items in AP House is prohibited: Heat-Not-Burn Cigarette, portable gas stoves, candles, and incense sticks. In addition, water tobacco is prohibited even in the smoking area.


Smoking is prohibited at AP House 4. Smoking (include Heat-Not-Burn Cigarette) is allowed only at the designated area (Second floor). Japanese law prohibits people under the age of 20 from smoking.
※Smoking on the balcony is also prohibited. The smoke will bother the other residents, so please adhere to this rule.


Japanese law prohibits people under the age of 20 from consuming alcohol.
Alcohol consumption (even for those students who are legally permitted) is not allowed outside of private rooms.

11.Illegal Drugs

Possession, consumption and trafficking of marijuana, illegal drugs and stimulants are prohibited under Japanese law, and offenders face a minimum penalty of 5 years’ imprisonment. Students found to be engaged in such conduct will be subject to immediate expulsion. In addition, international students who are punished by the law face deportation from Japan.

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  • In case of a fire in AP House, regardless of what you are wearing or what you have with you; evacuate immediately
  • When evacuating, keep low. To prevent inhaling smoke, cover your mouth and nose with a handkerchief/towel.
  • Do not use the elevator
  • In order to prevent the smoke from entering your room, close your door when evacuating
  • Once evacuated, do not go back inside
  • Once outside, follow the instructions of staff members and Resident Assistants (RAs)
2.Earthquake safety

If an earthquake occurs, residents should do the following:

  • Protect their heads from falling objects by getting underneath a desk or sturdy piece of furniture.
  • Turn off IH heaters or microwaves immediately.
  • Leave the door open and evacuate once the earthquake stops.
  • Do not use the elevator.
  • Follow the instructions of the staffs and Resident Assistants (RAs) once outside.
3.Sudden Illness or Injury

If any resident suffers a mental or physical illness or injury or wishes to discuss such matters, go to the Health Clinic or Counseling Room on campus.
If an emergency occurs, contact the Security Office first. In cases that necessitate a visit to medical facilities, be sure to follow instructions from Security Office staff whether day or night. RA staff are not permitted to accompany you to medical facilities. Please use the support services listed below when visiting medical facilities.
“Medical Assistance Service (Operating Company: Emergency Assistance Japan)” is a service for APU International Students while they are in Japan.
“Medical Assistance Call” is available 24/7. Service in 18 languages.

Telephone Number:
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Thai / Vietnamese / Indonesian language
Tagalog / Nepali / Malaysian / Burmese / Khmer / Portuguese / Spanish / French
German / Italian / Russian
  • Students will be referred to an appropriate medical institution over the telephone.
  • Three-way telephone interpretation service is available if a student is having difficulty understanding Japanese at a clinic or hospital.

The interpretation service is available only with the doctor’s permission.

4.Theft Prevention

APU will accept no liability for theft or burglary occurring in AP House. However, if such an incident occurs, residents should report it to the Security Office.

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Disciplinary Actions

Residents who fail to uphold the AP House regulations as detailed in the Guidebook, disrupt the peace at AP House or behave in a manner that markedly contravenes their duties as an AP House resident will face disciplinary actions.

The disciplinary action depending on the violation.

Regulations for violations

【Smoking in the room (including veranda) / Drinking alcohol outside of the room / Overnight visitors / Noise / Other annoyances】

First-time offense :Have an interview with the AP House Office and submit a pledge(Smoking in the room: Pay for repairs)
Second-time offense:Expulsion from AP House(Smoking in the room: Pay for repairs)

※Underage drinking / smoking is subject to disciplinary actions according to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Regulations on Punitive Measures for Students.
※Overnight visitors : (Visitors) Have an interview with the AP House Office and submit a pledge

Failure to pay dormitory fees and common service fees

If a resident fails to pay dormitory fees and common service fees for two months or more, they will be evicted from AP House.

  • Penalties for dishonest or vicious behavior will be determined separately from the regulations stipulated above.
  • Violations such as violence, theft, harassment, property damage, and discrimination will be handled according to the Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University Regulations on Punitive Measures for Students.

Disciplinary actions can also be imposed on students who do not live in AP House.

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