Frequently asked questions

Organization Registration

We're planning to have an event off-campus. We would like to do publicity activities at APU, can we register the organization?

If event is organized by APU students, you can register your organization and do publicity activities.

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Use of Facilities and Equipment

We would like to use facilities and equipment, is reservation required?

Please make Student Union facilities and equipment reservations on the On-line Reservation System. When making reservation a user ID and password is required so please contact the Student Office to apply for a user account.

Another organization has already reserved the period we want to use, what should we do?

Please find another time period to use. If there is a special reason, please come to the Student Office to consult with staff.

We would like to use the audio equipment and the event amp.

No one has reserved the equipment but we cannot reserve it.Please attend the sound equipment guidance. Once you attend the guidance you will be able to reserve it.

We want to practice in the Millennium Hall

Please consult with staff at the Student Office regarding the use of Millennium Hall.

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Off-campus visitors

We are planning to have off-campus guests perform or participate, are there any required procedures to receive visitors?

There are restrictions in place on campus for security. Please come to the Student Support Center in advance and submit "Form 18 Notification of an External Organization's Visit to APU"(Word) three days in advance.

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We would like to post an event announcement on the Campus Terminal.

The Campus Terminal is a tool for the University to provide information for students, faculty and staff so students cannot use it.

We would like to create a bank account for our organization, can a certificate be issued?

Certificates for organizations can be issued. Please apply at the Student Office.

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