Type C: Enterprise & NPOs Co-create Project

Type C: Enterprise & NPOs Co-create Project

Enterprise and NPOs Co-create projects are projects that APU students work with companies, NPOs, or APU. APU receives offers from companies and nonprofit organizations that would like to do projects in collaboration with APU students. Among those offers, the University will select projects that can apply students' ideas effectively and will help students develop. The University then extends those offers to interested students.
Students will work in collaboration with a company or an NPO. However, students will apply for this project voluntarily which means that students are required to plan and implement the events autonomously. Additionally, students will have training and feedback sessions and are required to make public presentations.

AY 2021 Project: Student Voices ProjectProgress report

Student Voices Project Application Guidelines(PDF)

1. Project Overview

The main objective of the Student Voices Project is to bring students' opinions to the forefront by having students take an active role in enhancing academics and student life at APU together with APU faculty and staff. Students selected as members will analyze the results of a survey targeted at APU students and submit a proposal to the university that will detail their findings and recommendations. Motivated students interested in making APU an even better university are invited to apply!
Project meetings will be held every other week in 5th period beginning from Wednesday, June 9. Meetings will be held during summer break, but will not be held during exam periods. It will be possible for project members to participate in online meetings if unable to participate in-person. Members who see the project to completion will receive an honorarium of 30,000 yen for their efforts.

<Project Schedule>
Project commences (June)
Student survey (late June-Mid-July) ※Given to all students
Survey response analysis & summary of recommendations for APU (August~September)
Meeting with APU administrators, proposal revisions(September)
Proposal on student needs and recommendations open to the APU student body for commentary (October)
Submit final proposal to APU (November)
Meeting with APU administrators (December)
Feedback from administrators on proposal contents (January)
Project reflection and summary (February)

2. 6 Benefits of Participating in the Student Voices Project

① Able to present your ideas for improvements to academics, student life, student support services, etc. directly to the university. ② Able to use your discussions with other project members to turn any dissatisfaction you have into opportunities for change and reform. ③ Able to directly contribute to creating the future of APU. ④ Able to apply the academic skills (survey and analysis tools, etc.) obtained in your classes to project activities and cultivate a deeper sense of belonging by interacting with faculty and staff you typically would not come in contact with. ⑤ Able to experience the process of turning student ideas into actual reform and play a vital role in improving APU. ⑥ Able to gain valuable practical experience (basic skills and knowledge needed in the work place, etc.) that you wouldn't be able to get in the classroom by working with the university in a professional capacity.

3. Project Members

5~8 Domestic Students / 5-8 International Students

4. Application Criteria

Applicants must satisfy the following criteria :
・Must be enthusiastic about the project and intent on making positive contributions
・Must be responsible and committed to the project
・Must attempt to communicate in both japanese and english

5. Application schedule

Step 1: Online information session: May 17 2021(Mon) 14:20~15:00

URL: https://weareapu.zoom.us/j/98156186958
Meeting ID: 981 5618 6958
*Attendance is not mandatory.

Step 2: Apply via the online survey.

May 13, 2021 (Thurs)~May 27, 2021 (Thurs)
Apply from the website below.

Step 3: Application screening
Screening results will be sent to the "Action Required" section of Campus
Terminal on Monday, May 31.

The general conditions for Type C projects

●Benefits for students who participate

  • Students can implement their ideas, collaborate with and receive advice from professionals in a company, NPO, or APU.
  • Students can build a broad network which cannot be obtained with student-only activities and can enlarge the scale of their activities.
  • A group can do promotional activities on campus, and use the University’s facilities and equipment. Also, a group will have presentation opportunities on campus and receive the University’s promotional assistance.
  • Students can receive advice for their activities and training from the University firms. Members will be able to receive the University’s support in developing event planning and administration skills that are required skills for working professionals, and their personal growth.

●Intended groups

  • A group needs to have at least five APU students. A group needs to have students from at least two countries. (There are exceptions depending on the contents of the planning)
  • Open application.
  • The existing clubs/circles, as well as non-registered student groups, can apply for this type.
  • A group must participate in the training sessions and presentations, and submit the required documents to the University or their partner company/organization.
  • A group’s activities need to be of high quality and can serve as a good model for the APU student community.

●Partnerships with companies and NPOs

  • Among the various requests from companies and NPOs the University receives to work with students, the University will select some of the projects that can use students’ ideas and also lead to students’ growth by collaborating with them (A few projects a year)
  • The different APU offices can be partners for projects that can be used to develop students' ideas and energy further.
  • In principle, partnerships with companies or NPOs bear the cost of their projects.

●Recruitment and activities

  • The University will begin to accept applications from students after an offer from a company or NPO has been confirmed. After screening the applicants, the project will commence.
  • There is no set term for Type C projects. Each project has different terms and periods.
  • Once the application information becomes available, the Student Office will put the application on this website, etc., and proceed to screen the applicants with the companies, NPOs, or APU offices.
  • In principle, the implementation of the project and necessary communication will be directly performed between the partner companies, NPOs, or APU offices and the student groups.
  • Student groups need to attend training sessions by the Student Office and report their progress regularly to the Student Office. Public presentations are also required.

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