Q&A: Student Office Procedures in Response to COVID-19 (Updated March 7, 2022)


Q1. With students currently unable to go to campus or use university facilities, does APU plan to reduce tuition fees? Additionally, does the university offer any financial support for students?
A. We plan to offer face-to-face classes for the spring semester of 2022. However, online classes will continue to be available for students who are unable to enter Japan or who have difficulty taking face-to-face classes due to underlying medical conditions or for other reasons. The university remains dedicated to maintaining our high academic standards and are steadfast in our belief that it is our duty to provide our students with high quality instruction while doing what we can to keep our students safe. We will continue to provide the same level of academic rigor that students would experience in the classroom, and students will receive grades and credits for their classes as usual.
There have been cases where the university has provided financial assistance to students in the past, such as the decision to reduce tuition for students financially impacted by natural disasters. However, the university will not be offering tuition reductions because of changes to the method of instruction or because students do not have access to the APU campus and its facilities this semester.
Q2. What is the amount and due date for 2022 Spring Semester tuition, and how can I pay?
◆ Payment amount: You will be able to see your tuition payment amount on Campus Terminal around mid-April. For details, click here.
If you are a domestic student and have applied for the JASSO scholarship or the Domestic Student Tuition Reduction Scholarship for the 2022 Spring Semester, be sure to pay the full amount owed by the due date. If you are selected for a scholarship, the scholarship amount will be refunded in October 2022.
◆ Payment deadline: May 31, 2022 (Japan time)
If your tuition is not paid in full by the due date, you will be withdrawn from the university for non-payment of tuition according to Article 24 of the university's Academic Regulations.
◆ Payment method: See this website for payment information. It is possible to send money directly to the university from overseas.
◆ If you have any questions about the tuition amount, payment form, or how to pay, please contact adgaku@apu.ac.jp.
Q3. Are there any special measures available, such as paying in installments or deferred payments?
A. Tuition must be paid in full in one lump sum for the semester. Deferred payment is not possible, so please be sure to pay the full amount by the due date.
Q4. Can I get a certificate of payment for tuition paid up to last semester?
A. Yes. You can apply for a Certificate of Payment through the survey listed on this page (Special Request Certificates).


Q1. How do I open a bank account? (For international students who will be coming to APU for the first time in the 2020, 2021 or 2022 academic years.)
A. The university will assist English-basis international students with the procedures to open a JP Bank account. The university will send information about the procedures to each student's APU email immediately after they arrive in Japan, so be sure to complete these procedures once you see this email. Even if you complete the procedures immediately after arriving in Japan it can take up to five weeks for your account to be set up, so be sure you have enough money to cover your living expenses during this period when you first come to Japan.
Please note that government-sponsored international students, students receiving scholarships from JICA and other government programs, and students receiving JASSO scholarship funds will not be able to receive their scholarships until they have a JP Bank account, so please complete these procedures without delay.
Q2. I want to know more about scholarships.
A. Scholarship information can be found on the Student Office website.
Because this information is updated often, please check this page regularly.
Q3. I want to know the application process for the JASSO Grant Type/Loan Based Scholarship (domestic students only).
A. Please check this website and attend the guidance session on Friday, April 8 from 16:00.
JASSO Honors Scholarship Recipients (International Students)
Q4. How can I sign the attendance sheet? (Current students)
A. You need to sign the attendance sheet every month at the University. If students are unable to enter the campus due to coronavirus restrictions, the university will send you a message in Campus Terminal with the date, time, and location where you will be able to confirm your attendance.
Q5. How can I sign the attendance sheet? (2022 Spring Semester enrollees)
A. If you complete the new bank account survey immediately, before the end of the month in which you arrive in Japan, and then sign the form at the university after arriving in Beppu, your enrollment will be confirmed for the month you arrived in Japan (details will be sent to your APU email account). From the following month onward, you will need to come to the university every month to sign in, just like current students in Q4, above.
Q6. I am a new student, but I have not yet entered Japan; will I be able to receive the JASSO Honors Scholarship?
A. According to JASSO's policies you cannot receive this scholarship until you enter Japan. Just as with last year, if you are unable to enter Japan by mid-December (2021), it will be difficult to receive the scholarship this year.

3.Change of Student Status (Leave of Absence, Reinstatement, Withdrawal, Readmission)

Q1. When is the application deadline to take a leave of absence, be reinstated, or be readmitted for the 2022 Fall Semester?
A. The deadline to apply for a leave of absence is August 5.
The deadline to apply for reinstatement or readmission is end of June for international students, and August 5 for domestic students. The application deadline is earlier for international students because of the additional time needed for the student visa paperwork and application process.
Q2. What will happen to the leave of absence guidance sessions for students taking a leave of absence in next Fall Semester to travel abroad or participate in an internship?
Face-to-face guidance sessions will not be held this semester. Information concerning leave of absence procedures will be posted to Campus Terminal after the start of the second quarter, so check Campus Terminal regularly. Students who want to take a leave of absence for reasons due to military service, illness, economic circumstances, or for other reasons should send an email to the address below:
Q3. How do I apply for leave of absence, reinstatement, or readmission?
A. First, read through the instructions on the Student Office website and in the Campus Life Handbook. Please send any individual questions to the email address below:

4.Student ID

Q1. How can I get my student ID card re-issued?
A. Students residing in Japan can have a re-issued card sent by postal mail. Please send your request to the e-mail address below. Cards cannot be posted to locations outside Japan.
Q2. How can I renew the validity date of my student ID card?
A. Students residing in Japan can have a renewed card sent by postal mail. Please send your request to the e-mail address below. Cards cannot be posted to locations outside Japan.
Q3. How can I get a new label for the back of my student ID card?
A. Students residing in Japan can have a new label sent by postal mail. Please send your request to the e-mail address below. Labels cannot be posted to locations outside Japan. Labels can also be obtained at the Tokyo Campus and Osaka Campus.


Q1. How can I get a Certificate of Enrollment, Transcript of Academic Record, or other official document issued by the university?
A. Information on how to request certificates can be found on the Student Office website.
● Details for how to request different certificates can be found here.

APU students with "regular enrolled student" or "study abroad" student status can apply online to obtain a Certificate of Enrollment or Transcript of Academic Record at convenience stores in Japan. It is also possible to apply to receive certificates by post.
● Certificate issuing service at convenience stores can be accessed here. (An APU ID and password are required to log in.)

Certificates can also be obtained from the Automatic Certificate Dispenser in front of the APU Student Office and in the APU Library as well as the Automatic Certificate Dispensers on the Tokyo Campus, Osaka Campus, and Ritsumeikan University campus. Operating hours may differ for each campus; please check the respective website in advance if you plan to use a certificate dispenser on another campus.

Certificates that are unable to be applied for via the online certificate issuing service, such as Certificate of Tuition Payment/Scheduled Payment, can be applied for via an online survey. Students on a leave of absence should also apply using the online survey.
● The online survey can be accessed here.
Q2. Is it possible to receive Student Discount Certificates by post?
A. As a general rule students are only able to obtain Student Discount Certificates by using the Automatic Certificate Dispensers on campus. Contact the Student Office at the email address below if you are unable to come to the APU campus or visit any of the other campuses with Automatic Certificate Dispensers (Tokyo Campus, Osaka Campus, and Ritsumeikan University campus).

6.Extracurricular Activities

Q1. Where can I find information about clubs and circles?
A. For information on clubs and circles, please visit APU Online Activities Guide.
Q2. Are activities possible?
A. Currently, extracurricular activities are suspended due to measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. When we resume activities, we will announce it on the Student Office website. However, student organizations do not need to apply for permission to conduct activities or events online. The one stipulation for online activities is that all students must participate from their own homes.
Refer to the page below for details on how to apply online to receive permission to hold an in-person activity and for information concerning use of on-campus facilities.
Q3. Is it possible to use the Fitness Room in the Gymnasium and other on-campus facilities?
A. Campus facilities are currently unavailable for use due to the coronavirus pandemic. An announcement will be made on the Student Office website when facilities will be available again.
Q4. Are there online events that I can take part in?
A. Check our social media accounts for information on online events hosted by APU as well as those hosted by our diverse student organizations. You can see our accounts here:
Instagram: @apu.student
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APUSelectedProjects
Q5. Will it be possible to participate in a homestay or local exchange program?
A. Face-to-face programs such as the homestay program and local exchange program are currently suspended until further notice. The Student Office will post information on Campus Terminal if there are opportunities to participate in any online exchange events. Please direct any additional questions concerning homestays or local exchange to apukoryu@apu.ac.jp.

7.Status of Residence (Visa)

Q1. I left Japan with a special re-entry permit. Can I re-enter Japan?
A. Currently, re-entry is permitted for holders of resident status who have left Japan with a re-entry permit (including special re-entry permits).
* However, if you are traveling from a country or region that has been designated of particular concern for new strains of the coronavirus according to protection measures in place at ports of entry, you will not be allowed to re-enter Japan even if you are a resident status holder. Please confirm the latest information.
* If you plan to return to AP House, please contact the AP House Office in advance. ssc_bo@apu.ac.jp

Information is being updated daily, so be sure to check the following websites regularly.

Relevant websites:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Border enforcement measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19)"

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, "Valid Format of Certificate of Negative Test Result"

Procedures for entering Japan and monitoring your health after entering Japan
As part of the Japanese government's border control measures, upon entering Japan you will need to undergo a PCR test at the airport and will be asked to quarantine at home or at government designated accommodations and refrain from using public transportation.

Please refer to the following websites and exercise caution to ensure the health and safety of both yourself and those around you.
*Please note that AP House rooms cannot be used for self-quarantine.
*Quarantining at home is not a suitable option if you have a roommate and share living space. Your understanding is appreciated.

Relevant websites:
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, "New Border Control Measures " (Information is mostly in Japanese with some English available.)

Ministry of Justice "Denial of entry to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections"

Office of the Prime Minister, "Novel Coronavirus Response Headquarters" (information available in Japanese only)
Q2. One year has passed since I left Japan and I am no longer able to enter Japan with my special re-entry permit. What about the period of stay written on my residence card?
A. The special re-entry permit is valid for one year from your departure date. You will lose your status of residence if you do not re-enter Japan within this period.
*It is not possible to extend the validity of your special re-entry permit from outside Japan.
Please note that you will not be allowed to re-enter Japan if one year has passed from your departure date even if the period of stay written on your residence card is still valid. You will need to obtain a new student visa and apply for a new Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
Q3. I am aware that the Japanese government will ease its entry restrictions on new foreign arrivals in March 2022. What procedures are required for individuals newly coming to Japan?
A. The University will send information to students who fall into the new arrival category via Campus Terminal once the Japanese government announces further details on visa applications, length of the post-arrival quarantine period, etc. Please check the “Action Required” section of Campus Terminal regularly.
Q4. I am in Beppu at the moment. My student visa will expire in June 2022. How can I apply to have my visa renewed?
A. A message will be sent via Campus Terminal in March to students who need to begin the visa renewal process. First, please fill in the required information for visa renewal on manaba. Visa interviews will be conducted over Zoom. The Student Office will send interview details and other important information to the "Action Required" section of Campus Terminal.
Q5. I am not in Japan at the moment and my student visa will expire in June 2022. How can I apply to have my visa renewed?
A. You will not be able to complete the process of renewing your visa if you are not in Japan. Please return to Japan and begin the visa renewal process from here. Contact the Student Office (stuvisa@apu.ac.jp) as soon as possible if your current situation prevents you from returning to Japan.
Q6. What should I do about applying for a COE?
A. Please contact the Student Office immediately (stuvisa@apu.ac.jp) if you need to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (COE).
Q7. Is it possible to apply for a work permit at the Student Office?
A. Yes. Please bring the necessary documents (application documents, passport, residence card, copy of the front and back of your residence card, etc.) to the Student Office counter during business hours.
Application details are available at:
Q8. What is the difference between the visa sticker in my passport and the Status of Residence I am granted upon entering Japan?
A. The visa sticker in your passport is like a letter of recommendation to be used for obtaining a proper Status of Residence upon entering Japan. When you enter Japan using the visa and obtain your Status of Residence (Residence Card), the expiration date of your Status of Residence will be shown on the Residence Card. The visa itself basically becomes invalid after you have completed arrival procedures, so there is no need to worry about the expiration date shown on the sticker in your passport.

8.AP House

Q1. When is the AP House move-in deadline?
A. The move-in deadline differs depending on the semester you enrolled. Move-in deadlines are listed below by semester.

AY 2021 Fall Enrollees
1st year undergraduate students and 2nd year undergraduate transfer students: August 31, 2022
3rd year undergraduate transfer students: August 31, 2023
Graduate students (Master's Program): August 31, 2023
Graduate students (PhD Program): August 31, 2024

AY 2022 Spring Enrollees
1st year undergraduate students and 2nd year undergraduate transfer students: February 28, 2023
3rd year undergraduate transfer students: February 29, 2024
Graduate students (Master's Program): February 29, 2024
Graduate students (PhD Program): February 28, 2025
※Students who have not yet been admitted to AP House due to the Japanese government's entry restrictions will be informed after the entry restrictions are eased.
Q2. Where can I find more information about moving into AP House?
A. Details on move-in procedures for 2022 Spring Semester enrollees can be found at:
Q3. Where can I find information about AP House facilities?
A. A. Details on AP House facilities can be found at:
AP House 1 and 2: https://en.apu.ac.jp/studentsupport/page/content0046.html/
AP House 3: https://en.apu.ac.jp/studentsupport/page/content0228.html/
AP House 4: https://en.apu.ac.jp/studentsupport/page/content0310.html/
Q4. I have been accepted to the Student Exchange Program. I am currently residing in AP House, but my period of residence will come to an end, and I will need to find housing for the semester before I leave for my program. Is there any way that I would be able to extend the period of residence I have been approved for?
A. Applications for residence extensions are accepted once every semester. If you are interested in applying to extend your period of residence, read through the application guidelines that will be made available prior to the application period, confirm that you meet the eligibility requirements, and submit your application by the deadline.
The application period is typically June for Spring Semester and November for Fall Semester.
(Application schedule is subject to change.)
Information about extension applications and the application guidelines will be posted on Campus Terminal. This information will also be sent directly to AP House residents' APU email accounts.
*Only a limited number of applicants will be granted extensions. Please keep this in mind when applying.
*There is the possibility that you may be given permission to live in a different AP House dormitory than the one you are living in when you applied.
*Applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
Q5. I was unable to pay my rent on time. When is the payment deadline and how should I pay?
A. You will receive a Campus Terminal message if you have not paid your rent by the deadline. Transfer the outstanding amount according to the payment instructions in the message.
Q6. My AP House rent payment was unable to be withdrawn from my bank account due to insufficient funds. What should I do?
A. You will receive a Campus Terminal message if your rent payment was unable to be withdrawn from your account. Transfer the payment according to the instructions in the message.
Q7. I am looking for housing after my period of residence at AP House ends. Would it be possible to move from AP House 1 or 2 to AP House 3 or 4?
A. Please check the resident recruitment information for each AP House dormitory on the Student Office website.

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