Information for facility use

Information on Campus Facility Use From November 9, 2020

1. Preparation required of student organizations to recommence club/circle activities:
  1. Clubs/circles must not only have proper coronavirus prevention measures in place to be able to recommence their activities, but must also be responsible about communicating with their members and keeping an eye on how everyone is feeling.
    1. Check participants’ temperature and if they are experiencing any cold-like symptoms, a cough, and/or loss of taste and smell.
      ※Participants must have not experienced any symptoms for the 2-week period before the practice date. Participants with a temperature of 37℃ or higher are unable to participate in practice.
      ※Club/circle members who typically have a high body temperature (around 37℃) and are planning to participate in a club/circle activity should consult with the Student Office beforehand.
    2. Wear a mask when going to and from practice. Do not travel in groups and avoid crowded spaces.
    3. Although restrictions are gradually being lifted, do not forget about the need to be cautious. Classes are being held online this semester to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. If you are getting together to practice, make sure that you properly ventilate the facility you are using.
2. Base Guidelines for Club/Circle Activities
  1. There are no restrictions on online activities.
  2. Permission to use campus facilities for student activities will depend on the infection prevention measures the club/circle has in place. Clubs/circles lacking sufficient infection prevention measures will not be permitted to use APU facilities for their activities.
  3. Clubs/circles are asked to refrain from holding face-to-face events both on and off-campus for the time being.
  4. Permission to travel in and out of Oita Prefecture for a game, etc. will depend on the infection prevention measures the club/circle has in place.
    ※Conditions: The organization must come up with a travel plan that would allow them to avoid the “Three C’s” (closed spaces with poor ventilation, crowded places, close-contact settings) when traveling.
  5. Overseas activities are not permitted as of the present. The Student Office will make an announcement concerning overseas activities if the current situation improves.
  6. Activities that involve eating and drinking are prohibited. This excludes hydrating during practice to prevent heat stroke, however, do not share your drink with others.
3. Regulations concerning campus facility use
  1. Facility use is limited to one period a day. Facilities will be open for use until the end of 7th period.
    *Note that up to two non-consecutive class-hours may be permitted in cases where special grounds are recognized, such as cases involving activities to prepare for official sports matches or performances.
  2. The maximum number of people permitted to use a facility at one time is 20. Depending on the size and other factors, there may be facilities where the maximum number is less than 20.
  3. Facilities permitted for use:
    Facility Area Maximum No. of Participants
    Gymnasium Arena 1 30 (Able to be used by a maximum of 2 organizations at a time)
    Arena 2 30 (Able to be used by a maximum of 2 organizations at a time)
    Multipurpose Ground 60 (Able to be used by a maximum of 2 organizations at a time)
    Student Union 1 Student Hall 50
    Event Space 1 10
    Event Space 2 4
    Event Space 3 10
    Music Practice Room 1 5
    Music Practice Room 2 10
    Japanese-style Room A 6
    Japanese-style Room B 6
    Student Union 2 Multipurpose Hall 40
    Presentation Space 40
  4. Reserve facilities at:
    Only the names of the facilities available for use will be displayed.
    Facilities available for individual use: Gymnasium, Multipurpose Ground, Tennis Courts
    Do not reserve facilities for 2 consecutive periods if you plan to reserve a facility for individual use in addition to a reservation for club/circle activities. (Make sure that there is at least 1 free period in between the two reservations.)
4. Documents to Submit to Use Campus Facilities and When Holding an Off-Campus Activity
  1. Submit the “Practice Details & Schedule” form to use on-campus facilities to practice. (Apply via the Activity Registration System.)
    1. Clubs/circles practicing at an off-campus location will also need to submit this form.
  2. Clubs/circles will need to submit the “Event Form” if they are hosting a practice match with another team. Clubs/circles that will be traveling to an off-campus location to participate in a joint practice session or will be participating in a practice match hosted by another team will need to submit the “Off-Campus Activities Form.”
  3. All activities must be approved by the Student Office.
5. Flow of Facility Use Procedures (Day of Use)
  1. Before Practice→Practice
    1. Submit the “Practice Details & Schedule” form and receive approval from the Student Office.
    2. Download the Practice Participants List. Use the checklist on the form to confirm that all participants are feeling well before you begin practicing.
    3. Show the Practice Participants List to Central Security Office staff. (Staff will check the names and numbers of people participating as well as the Health Checklist section of the form.)
      ※You will not be allowed to use facilities if you do not show the completed Practice Participants List to staff.
    4. Pick up the key→Practice
  2. After Practice
    1. Clearly indicate in the notes column in the Health Checklist section of the Practice Participants List if someone becomes ill during practice.
    2. Submit the Practice Participants List and return the key to the Central Security Office after practice is finished.

Be aware that your actions could affect APU’s reputation. Please pay close attention to the safety and health of your members!

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