Preventative measure for COVID-19 in AP House

Contact information in case you develop a fever or are not feeling well.

Weekday (Until 5:30pm)

Contact the Health Clinic
E-mail (Include student ID number and name)

Nighttime (after 5:30pm) and weekends, holidays

Use the appropriate extension number below and contact the Security Office. Residents who have difficulty communicating in Japanese may ask their RAs for help.
Security Office: [APH1] 534-9500 [APH2] 535-9500

※When you are not feeling well, please refrain from outings and stay in your room.

RAPID (the health monitoring system at the entrances of AP House 1 and 2)

The purpose is to know the health condition of each resident when they enter and leave the dormitories so the University can take prompt actions when necessary, control who enters the dormitories, and manage the health of the residents who are attending face-to-face classes by AI fever detection cameras.

The Zoning in the dormitories

The university is following the guidance of infectious disease specialists to implement a “zoning” strategy to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in AP House. These different zones will help everyone realize the various levels of dangers that exist in our daily lives.

The red zone

Places where the risk of infection is high.

The yellow zone

From the hand sanitizing spot just inside the entrance to the hallways on each floor. This zone includes communal areas such as the lobby, kitchens, and study rooms.

The safe zone

From the hallways on each floor to the inside of your rooms. Please wash or sanitize your hands thoroughly, gargle, and disinfect those items that you have brought with you from the yellow and red zones.

In-dorm facility use associated with the preventative measure for COVID-19 in AP House

The communal space and refresh facilities in AP House are designated as the Yellow zone (Decreased risk of infection zone). Currently we ask residents to use them in accordance to our preventative measure for the COVID-19 in AP House. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to provide and maintain a safe and secure dormitory environment for the residents.

Click here for the detail (Updated on Sep 8) (PDF)

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