Guide on what to do prior to moving into AP House

The following information is very important for students who will be moving into AP House.
Please be sure to read all the information carefully before preparing to move in.

1. AP House Moving-in information

Please visit the following URL for detailed information.

2. AP House Usage Rules

Please be sure to check the AP House Usage Rules as they are very important when moving into AP House.
After moving in, you will be requested to submit a written pledge.

3. AP House Mission and Values, and Competencies

4. Floor Meetings, KD (Kitchen Duty) For residents at AP House 1-2, 5

Floor Meetings

Once a month each floor has a Floor Meeting; the aim is to enable information exchange between AP House residents and the university, while also providing information necessary to live as a member of AP House and the local community. Additionally, it provides an opportunity to reaffirm AP House rules. Attending the Floor Meetings is compulsory for all AP House residents.

AP House community life workshop

Whether living your life at AP House or in the community, you are required to understand the rules and regulations, and to figure out on your own how you should act. You will learn what you need to know to live as a citizen of Japan and of Beppu City, and develop skills essential to leading your life as a member of the community.

KD(Kitchen Duty)

The communal kitchens are cleaned daily by two to three students from each floor on a rotating basis. In addition to learning how to keep your living environment hygienic, KD also helps build a relationship of trust with those around you, as you take on your role as a resident of AP House in cooperating to create a comfortable living environment.

5. What you need to know when living at AP House: About Japanese Law, AP House Rules

6. Moving-in date registration for Domestic Students, and Registration for Arrival Assistance Service for International Students

All AP House residents are required to register their move-in date for domestic students and Arrival Assistance Service for international students at the URL below.
Registration deadline: Friday, March 10 at 9:00 a.m., 2023
* Domestic students who receive their entrance examination results on Friday, March 17 are asked to register their moving-in date immediately after they have been accepted as a dormitory resident.

  • If you wish to change your moving-in date after registering, please resubmit the registration survey. There is no need to contact the university in this case.
  • Please note that the university will not send students a confirmation email after registering for the moving-in date.
  • Emergency contact for International students when using the Arrival Assistance Service between March 22-24
    Airserve Co., Ltd.: +81-80-8309-9131 (08:30~18:30)

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