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Japanese Language

Many of the international students who enroll at APU have never spoken a word of Japanese before arriving at an airport in Japan. However, within the period of just a few short years, these same students are able to interact with their Japanese friends, take lectures in Japanese and even find employment in major Japanese corporations.

This substantial language ability does not, however, come without a lot of hard work and study. Luckily, our students are not alone in their struggles - the Japanese language education program at APU assists students through the phases of their studies, from basic hiragana characters to complex sentence structures and beyond.

Prior to arriving at APU, new enrollees are sent specially designed learning packages through the pre-enrollment education program, to give them a head-start in their language studies. After arrival, but before regular classes begin, students undergo a 1-week long intensive hiragana and katakana training session, which teaches the two basic writing systems of the Japanese language. With these preparations, students are able to start their classes with a basic understanding of the Japanese writing system.

The standard Japanese language curriculum is made up of six levels, from Japanese Foundation Course I through to Advanced Japanese Course. Interested students may also choose to take more specialized Japanese subjects such as Career Japanese, Japanese Language and Culture, and Japanese Project classes.

Language Proficiency Testing

APU encourages students to test their language skills through objective examinations such as the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) or the Business Japanese Proficiency Test (BJT).

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