RCAPS Seminar Dr. Takashi HOSODA


Time/date: Tuesday, November 15, 2016. 16:05-17:40 5th Periods
Venue: RCAPS Conference Room A (B building, 2nd floor)
Title: Critical challenges for European Security
- Perspectives from Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries -
Spearkers: Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Science
Dr. Takashi HOSODA
Language: English
Abstract: Europe once enjoyed euphoria over peace after the end of the Cold War. However, recently it has been facing critical security challenges including “Russian threat” from East, massive refugee influx from South, socio-economical influence of Brexit from North, and homegrown terrorism.

Most of the 17 Central and Eastern Europe countries, which experienced transformation of political and economic system from socialism to liberalism & capitalism after the collapse of the USSR, are basically small size countries. They possess very limited military strength and their main concern is how to keep or strengthen American commitment and military presence to secure their national defense instead of bandwagoning with Russia.

The seminar will introduce actual status of “Russian threat” including “nuclear sabre-rattling”, beefing up A2/AD capability and “hybrid warfare” in CEE. A further aim of the seminar is to verify the American response and effort of the CEE countries to secure the American commitment.
Seminar Report / Inquiries: For seminar report, please click here.
Contact: rcaps@apu.ac.jp (APU Research Office)

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