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〇Please tell us about your future dreams and goals that you want to contribute to society in the future, and about how you have grown in life, learning, and activities at APU.
"I first entered APU with a strong determination to learn Marketing from an international perspective as I believed that Marketing is a powerful tool to influence people and change the world. APM curriculum has helped enlighten me on how global marketing strategies are designed given different economic development stages around the world. During 4 years of university, I’ve been collaborating with people on an international scale in various activities such as business case challenges and Global Competency Enhancement Program (GCEP). Up to date, I’ve worked with people from over 40 countries, from whom I learnt precious lessons about the appreciation of diversity in a globalizing business world. More importantly, I appreciate the opportunity to work as Teaching Assistant (TA) for 4 different courses at APU. By engaging with professors and students, I’ve realized my passion in teaching and making changes through the power of education.

In the future, I want to utilize my accumulated Marketing and Management knowledge to be an influential marketer, university professor and educator who would empower the future global leaders. I aspire to provide young Vietnamese with an international educational environment similar to APU which will not only help accelerate globalization but also strengthen the educational ties between Japan and Vietnam."
〇Please tell your idea about APU's unique and good points and how it makes you unique? (your experience (if possible)).
To me, APU is a prosperous land of opportunities where us students can realize our dreams and live up to the best of our potentials. It is the only institution in Asia and Japan where students from over 152 countries and regions come together to learn and grow in an unlimited number of programs and organizations. Thanks to this global connection, I am enabled to enter the globalized world with great confidence. It is also thanks to generous scholarships at APU that I am able to concentrate on various campus activities while achieving top 10% academic performance among global business schools without worrying about my financial situation.
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