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Mr. Soichiro HONDA (APU Alum)

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Mr. Soichiro HONDA (APU Alum)

APU is a university that is helping to create the future. I believe that it is people who create the future, and APU is the best possible place to produce these talented people. Wanting to support a place like this in any way possible led to my decision to donate to APU.

I chose to study at APU because I believed I could become someone who could succeed in the global arena. Management and marketing were two of my interests, and APU gave me the opportunity to pursue these subjects in English alongside people from all over the world, getting to know my classmates through discussions and teamwork.

After enrolling I wanted to make the most of the opportunities available through APU, and decided to take part in a study abroad program. However, my ability to speak English was not good enough to apply to study overseas. In order to improve my English to the point where I could be a successful exchange program student, I joined the SRC Program1 (now called BASE) and devoted myself to studying English every day.

Looking back on my experience it now seems obvious, but at that time I was unable to achieve my goals without the support of others. I believe that I was only able to secure a spot on an exchange program because I could share my joys and disappointments with a group of like-minded students, and because I was afforded excellent support and encouragement from the faculty and staff. APU is the type of place where you can find supportive people like this.

Returning from my time abroad, I dedicated myself to learning about my fields of interest from a more global perspective, and I was able to learn and grow a great deal. After graduation, I worked for a foreign medical device manufacturer before moving to an agricultural IT company. I became involved in management early in my career, and even now I strive every day to help find solutions to the world's problems.

Without APU, I would not be who I am today. This is how valuable and life-changing I believe APU can be. I want to tell all current and prospective students of APU that while you can achieve your dreams as long as you work hard every day, APU will give you a head start toward your goal. Make sure you take full advantage of what APU has to offer so that you, too, can achieve your dreams!

1. The SRC Program (now BASE) helps students who want to study abroad to improve their English skills so that they can apply for and participate in exchange programs.

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