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Shinji Miyata (APU Alum)

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Monthly Subscription

Shinji Miyata (APU Alum)

When I heard from President Deguchi about APU’s new donation campaign at an APU Alumni Association event in Fukuoka, I agreed on the spot to make a donation.
President Deguchi spoke about how he was selected through a public call for applications and discussed the APU 2030 Vision and what he wants to do as president. When I heard this, I recognized the potential the university has and naturally wanted to help out.
As a member of the first graduating class, I agreed to donate 1% of my yearly salary to APU, but the new system that allows for small, regular donations makes it easier than ever before to give to the university.
I hope more donors throughout Japan and around the world step up to contribute to the future growth of APU.

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