Multimedia Room (MMR)

What is the Multimedia Room?

The Multimedia Room (MMR) is a place where students can work on reports and presentations for classes and do classes and interviews online by bringing their own devices. The MMR is equipped with 7 permanent computers with access to specialized software and a scanner.

Access and Hours

The Multimedia Room is located on the first floor of the Library. In order to use this facility, please enter through the main gate of the library.


The Multimedia Rooms follows the library’s hours of operation.
* The library schedule can be found here. Please note that the multimedia room may be closed at other times for reasons such as maintenance.

Important Note regarding MMR Use

The Multimedia Room (MMR) is a shared information facility used by students as well as faculty and staff. Please observe the following rules so that everyone will have a pleasant experience using the MMR.

Those who fail to observe the following rules will be banned from the Multimedia Room (MMR).

Multimedia Room (MMR) Rules
  • When using devices, please always use headphones or earphones. (Speakers are not allowed.)
  • Please do not eat in the MMR.
  • Drinks in paper cups or cans are not allowed in the MMR. Drinks in plastic “PET” bottles are permitted in the MMR, but they must be kept inside your bag. Setting them on desks is not permitted.
  • Mobile phones must be switched to silent mode (“manner mode”) and MMR users should avoid using mobile phones while in the MMR.
  • Please do not talk loudly in the MMR and please use the room quietly. (Please use a moderate volume for online conversations and refrain from talking with friends in person.)
  • Do not move or disconnect any equipment without permission.
  • Other students are also using the MMR. Please do not lock the computer or save a space by leaving your personal belongings there for longer than 15 minutes.
  • The MMR is for study, research, and interview use. Please do not use the room for breaks such as napping or playing computer games.
  • Any other behavior which could disturb others or cause damage to the facility or its equipment is forbidden.

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