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Information Systems Policy

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When using APU’s information systems or network, you have certain responsibilities or obligations as laid out in the university’s user policies or domestic and international law. During use, please fulfill your ethical and scholarly responsibilities and remember that the network is a shared university resource. In addition, please respect intellectual and property rights, and be sure to give due consideration to system security and the protection of others’ privacy.

The rules you should follow when using APU’s information systems or network are shown below. Please read them carefully before making use of these resources. If you become aware of unauthorized or improper use of the systems or network, please contact the Information Systems Administrative Office.

Ritsumeikan Trust Regulations

  • Information Systems Usage Regulations

    Information Systems Usage Regulations

  • The Ritsumeikan Trust Basic Regulations for Information System Usage and Operation Management

    The Ritsumeikan Trust Basic Regulations for Information System Usage and Operation Management

CHECK Examples of Behavior Prohibited by the Information Systems Usage Regulations
  • Criminal behavior or acts that violate public order or morals
  • Violation of others’ privacy
  • Destroying or stealing others’ information, infringing on copyright or intellectual property rights
  • Sales or other profit-oriented behavior
  • Behavior or acts that damage the reputation of the Ritsumeikan Trust or of the University
  • Interfering with the normal management and operation of the system or of other networks connected to it
  • Other inappropriate acts that do not align with information system goals

Information Ethics Guidelines

APU established "Information Ethics Guidelines" to provide basic guiding principles that users should observe to avoid unknowingly becoming a victim or victimizer when using various popular information services either on or off campus.
When using information services, you should observe the principles outlined in the Information Ethics Guidelines and act with a sense of discipline and self-awareness befitting a student of APU.

  • Information Ethics Guidelines

    Information Ethics Guidelines

Policies and User Guides

  • Network Security and Privacy

    Network Security and Privacy

  • Email Usage

    Email Usage

  • Publication of Official Websites

    Publication of Official Websites

  • Personal Homepage Usage

    Personal Homepage Usage

  • Password Management

    Password Management


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