Windows 10 Upgrade (For Individual Student Use)

This page is for students only. Faculty or staff who wish to install Windows 10 should fill out the Microsoft Software Installation Application from here and submit it to the Information Systems Office.


  1. How to Use
  2. Rules
  3. Application
  4. FAQ

1. How to Use

Students can upgrade the computers to the Microsoft Windows 10 Education OS.
Please read the software user agreements carefully to ensure you do not violate the license conditions.

[STEP. 1] Confirm you Meet the Requirements

Please ensure you meet the requirements listed below.

  • Each APU student is eligible to upgrade only one PC.
  • The upgraded PC only can continue to be used after graduation.
  • The upgrade cannot be installed on a computer that does not already have an OS installed.
  • Can upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 Home.
  • Students are personally responsible for any consequences of installing the upgrade.
  • Individual users are responsible for any behavior that may violate the license agreement.
[STEP. 2] Confirm the Warnings before Use

If the installation fails, it is possible your computer will not be able to operate properly.
Please be sure to back up all your data before upgrading your PC.
In addition, please look up how to restore your computer to the original OS and install files from backup before beginning the upgrade.
Please make sure all your software is compatible with the Windows 10 Education OS.

  • Make sure your system meets the requirements (memory, hard drive space) to run Windows 10 Education.
  • The Information Systems Office cannot offer support for computer repair or installation.
  • Please check the support offered by the original store (or manufacturer) before use.
[STEP. 3] Get the license key and program to upgrade your PC

Use your university email address ( to register an account on the Webstore (ELMS) and get the required license key and program.

  • Please refer to the manual below for information on how to get these.
    How to Download and Upgrade to Windows 10 Education (PDF)
  • The Web store (ELMS) is managed by Kivuto. They sell other software in addition to Windows 10 Education, but these are not provided by the university.
  • If you have questions about how to download or upgrade, please use web store (ELMS) support. (The university does not offer this support.)
[STEP. 4] Use Windows10 Education

Can be used by the person who installed the upgrade.

[STEP. 5] Graduation / Academic Leave

The product key will be valid only while you are a current student. The computer upgraded using the product key can continue to be used after graduate or while on academic leave.

2. Rules

Please be sure to follow the Information Systems User Policy during use.

Usage Rule Content Notes
Can be Used by The Student Use your student email address to register for an account on the Web Store (ELMS)
Usage Limits One computer per user Cannot be transferred to others
Use after Graduation Can continue to be used on the upgraded computer only

3. Application

Application is not required to use this service.

4. FAQ

Q. My download/upgrade was unsuccessful, or I don’t know how to do it.
A. Please use Webstore (ELMS) Support for questions about downloading or upgrading. Visit and click on [Help] on the right side of the page. If you still have an issue, please contact Kivuto support.

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