Computer Rental Locker

When you forget your computer or suddenly need to use a computer, you may borrow a laptop from the computer rental locker on the 3rd Floor of Building D, IPS 1 Commons. (The computers are for use on APU’s campus only and for same-day use only.)
The number of laptops available is limited.

Computer Rental Locker
How to use:
  • STEP 1: Borrow a computer
  • The computer rental locker is located on the 3rd Floor or Building D in IPS 1 Commons.
    Hold your student ID over the computer rental locker to open the locker door.
    Please take a laptop and close the door.

  • STEP 2: Use the computer
  • Rental computers may be used on APU’s campus only. (They cannot be used off campus.)
    The number of rental computers available is limited.
    Please observe the rules shown below.

  • STEP 3: Return the computer
  • When returning the computer, hold your student ID over the computer rental locker and scan the barcode on the laptop to open the locker door.
    After ensuring all of the parts including the power adapter, return the laptop and close the locker door.

Late Returns

If the laptop is not returned by the end of the day, this service cannot be used for the number of days that the laptop was late.
Furthermore, if the laptop is returned late, it cannot be returned to the automatic locker.
Please consult the Information Systems Administrative Office on the 3rd floor of Building D in this case.

Rule Details Notes
Users Students
Hours Available 8:30 ~ 21:30
Borrowing Period Same day
Location for Use APU campus only The laptops cannot be used off campus.
Damage or Loss In principle, the user is responsible for damage or loss.
Important Notes
  • Please go to the Information Systems Administrative Office right away if the computer is lost, damaged, or returned late.
  • Inappropriate use of the laptop such as violating the rules may result in borrowing privileges being revoked.

List of software installed on computers PDF


Information Systems Administrative Office
Location: Building D, 3rd Floor
Hours: Monday ~ Friday, 10:00 ~ 16:30
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