In aspiring to become a center of excellence in Asia Pacific research, the International Association for Asia Pacific Studies (IAAPS) was established in 2010. IAAPS aims to shape and promote Asia Pacific Studies, and contribute to the further development of the region through the accumulation and publication of research in particular disciplines and on subregions of the Asia Pacific.
Our members will include a wide-range of scholars and students from all over the world.

Board of Directors

President SATO Yoichiro
Secretary-General SASAGAWA Hideo
Chief Editor of APW LEE Timothy
Treasurer MURATA Yoichi
Trustee FELLIZAR, Francisco Jr., P
Trustee ZHANG, Wei-Bin
Trustee 吉田 香織
Trustee KIM Rebecca ChungHee

IAAPS Honorary Counselors(Listed in alphabetical order)

Calder, Kent E.
  • Director, The Edwin O. Reischauer Center for East Asian Studies,
  • Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies(SAIS)
Drysdale, Peter
  • Emeritus Professor of Economics, Head of the East Asia Bureau of Economic Research and the East Asian Forum
  • Crawford School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University
Funabashi, Yoichi
  • Former Editor-in-Chief, The Asahi Shimbun
Hiramatsu, Morihiko
  • Chairman, Oita OVOP International Exchange Promotion Committee
    Former governor of Oita Prefecture, Japan
Koh, Tommy
  • Professor of Law, National University of Singapore
  • Ambassador-At-Large,Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore
  • Chairman, National Heritage Board
  • Chairman, Institute of Policy Studies
  • President Emeritus, University of Hawaii Professor
  • Shidler College of Business, University of Hawaii at Manoa
Munasinghe, Mohan
  • Shared the 2007 Nobel Prize for Peace
  • Chairman, Munasinghe Institute for Development (MIND),Colombo
  • Director-General, Sustainable Consumption Institute (SCI),
    and Professor of Sustainable Development, University of Manchester, UK
  • Honorary Senior Advisor to the Government of Sri Lanka
Sakamoto, Kazuichi
  • Professor Emeritus, Ritsumeikan University
  • Founding President, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University
Sen, Amartya
  • Lamont University Professor, Professor of Economics and Philosophy, Harvard University
  • Nobel Prize Laureate in Economics (1998)
Sioris, George A.
  • President Emeritus, The Asiatic Society of Japan
  • Ambassador of Greece a.h.
Terashima, Jitsuro
  • Corporate Advisor, Mitsui Global Strategic Studies Institute
  • Chairman, Japan Research Institute
  • President, Tama University
van Agt, Andreas
  • Former Prime Minister, the Netherlands
  • Former Representative, European Communities to Japan and to the United States
Vogel, Ezra F.
  • Henry Ford ll Professor of the Social Sciences Emeritus, Harvard University

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